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Friday, May 11, 2012


Edit: This is now the fourth tutorial under the Newbie Guide Tutorial Series. It's not done to uphold the flashy name but to ease your way by learning things step-by-step. I decided that this deserves the fourth step so here it is!

Hello everyone! This is the (very eassssyyyy) tutorial about DAEMON Tools. And yes, it’s complete with screenshots. In this tutorial, I used DAEMON Tools Lite since it’s the only (I think) DAEMON that’s free to download. If you don’t have it yet, please download  it. Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a file!


DAEMON Tools (short for Disk And Execution Monitor tools) is a virtual drive and optical disc authoring program for Microsoft Windows
(Yes, I got that description from Wikipedia. Bite me.) 

Upon downloading DAEMON, double-click the setup and a setup wizard will appear.   Install it.

● After installing, open DAEMON Tools Lite. On the left corner, there is an icon of a disc with a green plus sign. Click it to add an image. 
Let me clear one misconception from an anonymous I’ve come across on one site. You DO NOT have to burn the ISO file upon adding the image. DAEMON plays the image file as if you put a disc in your DVD Drive.

●  A window will open and select the ISO file of the image you want to mount. In this case, I used the ISO file of the Otome game Starry Sky ~in Spring~ (great visual novel, by the way). 

● DAEMON will add the file to the “Image Catalog”. Click the green ‘play’ sign to mount it. Usually, the mounted image will Autoplay but in certain cases it didn’t, open “My Computer” and you will see it in the DVD Drive. 

I didn’t take this tutorial from the others and I made it myself.  If you want to post this tutorial on your site/blog, please, do not claim it as yours. At least, give the credits to me. 


  1. Waaah!! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. Oh btw,can you give screen shots how to use installshieldwizard for starry sky? It's on Japanese and i didn't understand it at all... please... I really want to play this game...

  3. When I'm about to install it, it says something in japanese. Here's the screenshot:

  4. I'm not really certain as to what it says since I can't read Japanese characters but it might be that:
    a.) your computer didn't meet the minimum system requirements
    b.) you have already installed it (if that isn't the first you tried installing it). Go to the Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and see if it's there.

    If you really want to know what it says, I have a definite solution for you. It's a long road but it's definite at least:
    Use the Automatic Clipboard Translation of ATLAS FUJITSU. If you know how to use it, then it's good but if not, I will be posting a tutorial on how to use this in a few days.

    Visit this page, too. It might help:

  5. As for the screenshots of installshield wizard for Starry Sky ~in Spring~, I'll see what I can do because I have to uninstall it first, then, 're-install'. :)

  6. Starry Sky ~in Spring~ was updated. Screenshots are up.

  7. Hello, i'm need some help...I have the same problem as Ravenhold...So i tried uninstalling Starry sky but i came across a error message
    And when i click yes this popped up
    could you help me? :( It would really make me happy

    and uh i don't know how to place my name so i'm just going to do this

  8. @Cakers
    Oh, if you can't uninstall it using the setup, use this method. Open Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find Starry Sky in Spring and click 'uninstall'.

  9. I've tried that but it still didn't work :( ...

  10. @Cakers
    Oh, sorry, I can't read crap about Japanese. Just the basic stuff. Not those complicated ones.
    Here's what to do: Tell me how it got to that point first.

  11. hi..
    i have the same problem like 'Cakers'
    i cant uninstall nor install the game.. those japanese words keep on showing...
    i really dont know what to do... :(

  12. @Megumi
    Before you can uninstall it from the Control Panel, a message box with Japanese characters would appear first. I'm not sure which "japanese words" appear for you. In any case, please send me a screenshot first.

  13. hi again~
    i'm sorry but i really dont know anything about screenshots... TT-TT
    i'll just copy a link from 'Cakers'.. since we have the exact same problem...
    > that pops out when i try to uninstall it, then after clicking yes, this popped out:
    ..please help me.... :'(

  14. @Megumi
    "--し----- およびすべての -----に--しますか?"
    "--shi--- oyobi subete no ----ni-- shimasu ka?"
    From the first image, those were the only characters/words I understood. In short, it does not really make sense to me. Sorry if I can't translate this things for you.
    I'm 100% SURE that I also encountered this error before. The problem is, I can't remember what I did.

    What happens when you click 'No' from the first image?

  15. after clicking 'no'.... nothing happened...
    ahmmn... does this mean i cant instal nor uninstall the game?? TT-TT

  16. @Megumi
    There's still hope, you know. Download an uninstaller program like Revo Uninstaller Pro. It works wonders.

  17. why it said must use a CD?i don't understand?after mounting image the install setup should pop up right??

    1. No, you don't need to burn that into a CD. After mounting, press the 'Play' button. If it does not automatically autorun/autoplay: open My Computer > click the DVD Drive. You should have a separate one for the virtual drive produced by Daemon.

  18. Waah! You really helped!! *w*

  19. Hi um, thank you for making these tutorials, I really appreciate them and hope to use it a lot; but may I ask a question? This is more like a reassurance, but I had a bad experience with Daemon Tools in that I accidentally downloaded the wrong one and got a virus in my computer instead. I've decided to try again, but to be safe, I was wondering if this was the correct place to download it from:
    I'm sorry if this is a bothersome question, but I'm just being really cautious right now since I'm not exactly good with my download intuition..

    1. I'm the one who posted this earlier anon message. Sorry I missed the READ BEFORE COMMENTING thing just now...

  20. Ah, thank you for confirming this! I'll go download it and follow the instructions now! ^^

  21. where the download, I want the application, but where the download?

  22. Hi, I am using Windows 8. I tried mounting the starry sky iso file onto DAEMON Tools Lite, but it didn't run. A message saying 'Choose what to do with the disk' appeared. So I chose 'run Setup.exe'. But it says that the setup cannot run on my version of PC. Does the iso file run on windows 8 too? What should I do?

  23. Hi, I am using Windows 8. I tried mounting the starry sky iso file onto DAEMON Tools Lite, but it didn't run. A message saying 'Choose what to do with the disk' appeared. So I chose 'run Setup.exe'. But it says that the setup cannot run on my version of PC. Does the iso file run on windows 8 too? What should I do?

  24. I need to buy Daemon Tools Lite? It needs a serial Number I've also checked the website which says you have to pay



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