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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Starry ☆ Sky ~in Spring~ Installation

              If you see sentences in red, it means that it's an important note that may or not be recently added. Anyway, it's important. Be sure to read that before asking, 'kay? :)

               Since I had a lot of troubles trying this game, here's the steps to follow to successfully install Starry Sky ~in Spring~. This is for Windows OS users only. I changed my OS to Windows XP because it's easier for me to install visual novels but the steps to follow is the same for Windows 7 (yes, it's my previous OS). If you're using Vista/Mac, I can't help since I have very little experience with that and zero visual novels installation experience. If this guide/walkthrough helped you, please follow and support my blog. 

              It was a hassle since I had to uninstall the game but... YES, IT'S COMPLETE WITH SCREENSHOTS NOW! Yey~

Before doing anything, make sure that:
1.) your computer meets the system requirements
2.) you downloaded the game and patch properly (Download all the parts first.)
3.) you have the DirectX(latest version, if possible) AND Daemon Tools installed. Daemon Tools Lite is free. Just google it. If you don't know how to use it yet, visit this:

● Extract Starry Sky ~in Spring~. If it appears as filename.part1, don't worry. Just extract the first part and the rest would automatically follow (I'm using Winrar). If you can't extract it because of a broken file, DON'T DELETE IT YET. Click Alt + R and change the repaired file's name back to the original one.
Finish downloading all the parts before extracting. If you want to have a compete game, that is. 

● Change your computer's System Locale AND Language for Non-Unicode Program to that of Japan's. To be sure, change everything in the Regional and Language Options to that of Japan's. It's not really necessary for Starry Sky but some games do check the Location, Format, etc. If your computer's OS is Windows XP, you need some kind of Japanese Language Pack or Windows XP installer CD (original, please). Restart you computer after.
If you already installed Starry Sky ~in Spring~ and haven't changed the Regional and Language settings beforehand, you're screwed. Start from scratch. Uninstall the game. How? Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > look for Starry Sky ~in Spring~ and uninstall it. 

Download this if your OS is Windows XP and you don't have an installer CD:
East Asian Language Files 

● Mount the iso file of Starry Sky using Daemon Tools. The setup SHOULD appear in Japanese characters. If it doesn't and weird characters appeared, it means that something is wrong with your settings. Double-check.
Mount the ISO file using Daemon

 *sorry for the Paint background*

 This is the setup. As you can see, it's in Japanese. If you want to know what it says...

In my opinion, you don't have to know what it says at all since most setups tell the same thing. Basically, you just have to click the second button on the bottom part of the setup. It's the one with the "(N)".

● As to where to install the file, usually, you install in the Program Files in the C drive. That makes the searching for the directory in the English Patch easier. If you want to put another location, that's fine, too. 
After choosing the location, it should proceed. After installing, the setup would offer you to install DirectX 9.0. You need to have that so click it if you don't have it yet. 

Above option: DirectX Install
Second option (the one with the box): Start the program after installing.

● After installing, the Japanese version should work fine by itself. 

These are...ah, proof.

Moving on to the English patch...

 ● Double click the patch and enter the directory. The directory should be along this line if you placed it in C drive: C:\Program Files\asgard\Starry☆Sky~in Spring~
 That's the patch the OGE Team provided.

That's how my directory looks. The directory should be directed at the folder itself, not the program/application.
If you want a peaceful and problem-free patching, don't do anything with your computer while it's patching. Close all those applications that requires huge memory usage. Preferably, close all the other applications except for the patch. 

This will appear if the patch has successfully checked your directory. 
If the patch says "Invalid Directory", double-check your directory.

   Yey~! It's fully patched!

You'll know if you successfully installed and patched the game if it looks like this.

● If you want to have a shortcut on your desktop: right click the application -> Send to -> Desktop (Create shortcut)

There you go! You can now enjoy Starry  Sky ~in Spring~!
For review:


  1. Hi, I just wanna thank you for this. (:

    I need a little help, though, I've downloaded the game, and the game works fine in Japanese, as you said, but after extraction, my game shows this error;

    Can you help me?

  2. how exactly do i download the game properly? do i save the file, open it, or run it???

  3. aki, when exactly did the error appear? right after extracting the patch and running the game unpatched or after extracting and patching the game?

  4. EmmBee, you have to "SAVE" the file.

  5. Right after extracting the patch, when I try to play it. So, what I did was installed game first, then patched the game.
    The patch showed like the one you printscreened, but mine had an additional .txt file.

  6. i have the same problem as Aki

  7. Hmm... that's quite hard for me to answer since I didn't encounter that certain problem. The fault "might" lie at your:
    a.) Regional and Language Settings - I'm certain that you (Aki) were able to change your Language for Non-Unicode Programs since I saw in the screenshot the characters in proper Japanese. However, it's hard to say if the System Locale is changed accordingly. Please check, it can't hurt.
    b.) Patch - it might be an old version and has certain bugs. I'll try to host the one I use.

    Sorry if I can't be of much use. I can't read what the error message says. If you want to know what it says, use Atlas Fujitsu translator.

  8. It's alright, thank you for helping. (: Maybe it's the patch - if it's not too much trouble, can I have yours too?

  9. Just wondering, but where did you get the Starry Sky download file?

  10. Anon; You can either get them from craneanime or erogedownload.

  11. Ah, okay. Thanks:)

  12. I'm stuck on the bit about mounting the iso file in daemon tools :L whenever I go to add the game files, it doesn't show anything....

  13. I followed your guide exactly but as soon as I try to run the patch application a DrawDeck error message appears. Any idea why this is and what I can do to fix it? I installed the directx so I dont know why this message is appearing

  14. "I'm stuck on the bit about mounting the iso file in daemon tools :L whenever I go to add the game files, it doesn't show anything...."

    Uhm, the iso file is not mounting? Please explain what you did and if possible, add a screenshot while you're at it.

    "I followed your guide exactly but as soon as I try to run the patch application a DrawDeck error message appears. Any idea why this is and what I can do to fix it? I installed the directx so I dont know why this message is appearing"

    As to what is that, it can mean a lot of things. I, for instance, received a lot of error windows with a bunch of Japanese text. As it turned out, I later found out that some of these mean:

    a.) The version of DirectX is not compatible with the application.
    (Self-explanatory, I believe.)

    b.) There is an initial error with this application.
    {I got that after I had changed my non-unicode settings to Japanese but had not yet re-installed the actual game after doing so and played with the game patched incorrectly.)

    c.) System requirements are not met.
    {And of course, you can't play without a good CPU. This game is made in modern times. Pentium 4, I think, is the minimum.)

  15. I downloaded the English patch from CraneAnime and I used winrar to extract the file, then I load deamon tools and go to mount the files, but when I choose the folder where they are, there's nothing there...

    *Sorry there's no screenshot

  16. "I downloaded the English patch from CraneAnime and I used winrar to extract the file, then I load deamon tools and go to mount the files, but when I choose the folder where they are, there's nothing there...

    *Sorry there's no screenshot"

    Did you download not just the English Patch but also the game? If not,I'm telling that you need BOTH. Yes, download the patch AND the game. The English Patch is 443 MB and the game is about 854 MB in size. All in all, you should have allotted 1.26 GB for saving Starry Sky ~in Spring~.

  17. Ah, okay. I'm trying to download the japanese ver. but some of the download files are password protected... :L

  18. @megumi

    Where are you downloading? is a good source and their password is in the picture below their site.

  19. @sasugasugoi Oh okay, that makes sense. thanks :D

  20. Ah, okay. I didn't know about the picture at the bottom. Thanks :D

  21. I don't get it. How do you turn it into an ISO file?

  22. I posted about the DirectDraw error and after researching it my dell inspirion 1525 doesn't have a good enough graphics card to support all the DirectX functions such as DirectDraw acceleration. Oh well, I've been meaning to by a new laptop anyway so I'll just make sure what it can and can't support so I can play this eventually. So dissapointing since everything works perfectly but I can't start the game... *sigh*. Thanks for your help and for posting this. You're awesome!

  23. @Yuki
    The game is usually uploaded as a RAR or ZIP file. You have to extract that. After doing so, you WILL find the ISO file there. If you already have Daemon installed, it will appear with the Daemon icon. Again, you HAVE to download BOTH the game and the english patch.

  24. @Anonymous
    It's great that you found out the reason for the error! You're welcome and thank you as well.

  25. excuse me, this may seem like alot of trouble, i am new here, I have just started taking a liking to otome games, while reading this tutorial, i still am not quite familiar with some things. When i download the game, there are different parts to it? How come? What do i do with them? Do i just download them? I downloaded daemon, and i kinda know how to use it, i've accomplished changing my location and uni-code. Can you please show how to download the different parts of files for the patch and game? Also, how to extract the ISO files using daemon? I've tried reading the tutorial, but when i did the steps myself, i would click on the folder with the files, but nothing would show. +How do you extract the HJ-split? Once again i am a complete newbie, i don't know how to extract whatsoever. Also, would i have to use daemon on all the parts of the game and patch? Would i have to use HJ split to join the appropriate parts together ? Please explain further detail. Us newbies would like to be able to play this game (:

  26. @Chiharu
    Honestly speaking, I really don't think that this game is a good choice to start a fetish for otome games but I can hardly say that since I started on Heart no Kuni no Alice. And yes, it's another otome game with no english patch available and I played that using AGTH and Atlas. The complication is a culture-shock.

    First, the game would have many parts since a file-hosting site can't upload a large file in one go and it would take a lot of time for the one uploading it. Naturally, you have to download them all otherwise, you would have an incomplete game you won't be able to play and takes a lot of space in your computer. After downloading all of them, you extract the first part. Usually, the other part follows.
    Second, you DO NOT extract ISO files using Daemon. It's not possible. You mount ISO files USING Daemon. Strictly speaking, if you extracted a partially downloaded game and mount it using Daemon, of course, nothing would appear. It's broken. For more information, visit the Daemon Tools Tutorial.

    Allow me to say once more, Starry Sky ~in Spring~ is hardly a good choice to start an otome game fetish because there are things to do a newbie would have difficulties on doing. Patching is extremely complicated. If you want, I can recommend another otome game but if you really want to start with this game, I'll help you to the best of my abilities.
    Also for the sake of other newbies out there, I'll try making a newbie guide. Just be patient until then.

  27. I'm at the installshield bit and this came up. Which one do I press?

  28. @Yuki
    Nevermind the options above. Just click the second button on the lower part of the setup. That's the with the (N).

  29. Do you have to change your System Locale and Language for Non-Unicode program to Japan? Because I can't on my computer. It's Windows 7 and I follow the steps on how to change it and everything but it doesn't work...

  30. @sasugasugoi

    Can you recommend some other otome games ? fine with me c:

  31. @mizuki~ Don't worry about it. I've sorted it :)

  32. Do you have to download DirectX? My computer won't let me. It keeps coming up with this error

    (I'm downloading it onto my other computer...)

  33. @Chiharu
    Oh sure. Why don't you start with Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards? As it's by Hirameki, you don't have to concern yourself over an English patch. Yes, this game is already in English! Since this blog is new, I haven't added it here yet so for more information, you'll have to rely on this:

  34. @Yuki
    It doesn't matter where you download it as long as you have an installer/setup that will enable you to install it on the computer where you want to play Starry Sky. DirectX is an important component of modern visual novel games.

  35. I can't find the link to download it. I tried so many times and i still can't find it. please help me i really want to find the game. Plz put the link for me to download it XP

  36. @Anonymous
    Hm... Have you seen the Starry Sky ~in Spring~ Review on the Reviews page? I'm sure I placed a download link below. Two, actually, but they just redirect you to another site because I haven't uploaded the game itself on my own yet.

    By the way, read the comment form message before commenting. Put your name, please.

  37. I successfully patched the english patch, but when i tried playing it, it's still japanese ;A; please help TTvTT i tried reinstall the whole game and it's still like this.......

  38. when i'm installing the game the instructions in the setup only appear as "??????" instead of japanese characters. i figured it's part of why when i try the english patch it always says "invalid directory". is it connected? and i'm sorry to have you bother with such trivial things as this; however i am not really familiar with operating windows 7: in the control panel i've already changed the format into japanese, and the current location to japan. is something amiss? because even when i made those changes, it'll still be "?????". you have my thanks in advance, and even though i'm currently in this pandemonium, your tutorial is very good since i've come across so many blogs about starry sky tutorials, but so far yours is the most legit.

  39. @LiveToDream
    System Locale to Japanese? Don't use applocale, okay? You should change the settings before installing the Japanese game.
    Sorry for the late reply.

  40. @grimmjow
    Have you changed the system locale to Japanese? How to do that? Open:
    Control Panel > Regional and Language > Administrative tab > under Language for Non-Unicode Programs, click "Change system locale" > choose Japanese (Japan)

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm grateful that you appreciate my tutorial. It means that my hard work was not in vain. :)


  42. @SnowXRavi
    how come your otome game is just one file and the downloading is in parts
    im not sure how to put them together
    i downloaded all the parts including english and i added the image of part one but im unsure if i add all the parts in DAEMON and mount them all

  43. @SnowXRavi
    okay now im a bit lost on the eng patch
    im choosing the right folder but it still says "invalid Directory" multiple times
    so im not so sure what im doing wrong here

  44. I done everything as you said, but when i install and click to appears the game in Japanese, there is a error. i tried do the same whit Portuguese(my language)and the only thing that occurs is that appears estrange characters, but it works just fine even the patch (dont appears in english but dont occur any error), differently that when i put in Japanese. Whats happening?? D:

  45. My error is exactly as the Anonymous said above!

  46. @DianaLiadz

    "im choosing the right folder but it still says "invalid Directory" multiple times
    so im not so sure what im doing wrong here"

    same error here!

  47. @the first Anon (please, read the comment form message before posting a comment)

    Sorry for the late reply.
    As to why my game is already in a single file, please refer to the extraction tutorial:
    So yes, you made a mistake in the extraction part and there should be only one file you need to mount on Daemon. That should be a big file.

  48. @Anon (I'm assumming that you're the same as the first anon. I can't tell since you didn't read the comment form message before commenting)

    In looking for the directory, end the location with the folder where the game app is.

  49. @Maiara Ander
    I'm sorry. I didn't understand much of what you said in your first comment. I'm assuming that you have the "Invalid Directory" error.

    Did your directory end with the folder with game app? Don't click the game itself. Just the folder, okay?

  50. @Anon (Are you still the same one as above?)

    yeah, I got that crap a lot of times as well. Try resetting your computer after installing the game. Retry the patch after that.

    By the way, please use the latest version of the patch. Old ver. have a lot of problems like this.

  51. Hello ! I'm Shinya, thanks you for the topic ! :) (sorry for my english but I'm french... :>
    I follow your instruction, and all is okay but when I start the Game, it's still in Japanese :/
    I don't understand because when i patched the game, all is okay and when i want to do this step an another time, he said the game is already patched :/

    Can you help me please ? :)

  52. @Shinya
    Really? It's still in Japanese? Proper Japanese and not mixed with random characters? And the patch says it's already patched? Tell me what version of the patch you are using, your OS and did you reset the computer after changing settings and such?

  53. It's in proper japanese, and yes, i can't do an another patch (because it's said:"You're game is already patched. Now go play !")
    I used this version of the patch

    My OS it's Windows XP and yes, I reset the computer after changing the language :)

    Thanks for your rapidity and your help ! :)

  54. Hey ! Sorry for the new post but all is ok now ! :) I restart the installation :)

    Thanks for your help and good job with this post !

  55. Um, I downloaded the game yesterday and ran it and it worked perfectly. But today when I tried to go and play it, this error message appeared?

  56. @Shinya
    That's great. Thank you for your presence. I appreciate it!

  57. @Anon (please read the comment form message before commenting)
    Oh, that's a Direct Draw Error. Were you able to play it in Japanese after installing? If yes and it still happened, did you change/remove anything in your computer like software or hardware?

  58. Hiii~

    I'm so happy that someone finally can explain how to install the game. I really appreciate that.

    Here comes my problem :$
    I did exactly the thing you did and it works fine in Japanese.
    So I went further on the english thing. I unzipped the folder and got exactly what you got in the first printscreen. But I cannot open the English Patch, it keeps freezing up my whole laptop. I tried restarting my computer, but it didn't work.
    Please help me :$

  59. @Anon (I always mention this to all anons I've come across. Please read the comment form message before posting a comment. It can't hurt (^v^))
    It may not look like it but the patch is quite big and takes a lot of space on your drive. If your computer has a lot of saved files in it, it will have a hard time processing the patch. I recommend that you don't have any other application open when your patching. Especially web browsers that requires huge mem usages like Google Chrome. If possible, open only the patch itself.
    When you're able to proceed to the patching, don't touch the computer. If it hung in the middle of patching, you're screwed. Your choices will be to close it, manually or by Task Manager, or to reset the computer. That's all I can say for now. If the problem persists, post another comment.

  60. Thank you so much. I just clicked on it and when it began yo freeze I just began studying, after a few minutes the pop-up came and now it's patching. Thanks again! You're a lifesaver ^^

  61. See I am having this problem everytime I install it. I followed all the instructions. Everething goes smoothly until I open the game where it says something like Direct Draw初期化エラーです... I dont know what I means and frankly do not know what to do either...
    As I said before I followed all the instructions.I saw someone else having my problem... so answering your question for her it didnt work in Japanese and I didnt remove a thing. Help? :(

  62. @Anon
    I see. You're welcome! Tell me if you any problems and I'll help you to the best of my abilities.

  63. @Gabriela
    Direct Draw初期化エラーです means "Direct Draw Initialization failed". Direct Draw errors usually have to do with graphics card and monitors. Your resolution can't be supported, thus, the game resulted with a dialogue box. I recommend that either you change your screen resolution or change the graphics card and monitor. If you have a better graphics card and monitor that's well-matched, I'd say that you go for that. If not, lower your screen resolution.

  64. ok before i changed the non unicode the game loaded fine (in scrammbled letters) but as soon as changed to jappense+restarted and loaded the game again it got some sort of error(cant read jappense) and also the patcher the directory right but it comes up with invallid

  65. iv'e manneged to patch it but it's still in scrambled letters and will only work on my netbook others i get an error and since it's a school netbook so its completely blocked up so i cant acess the control pannel

  66. etoo.. can you help with my problem? i already install it. but it always appear box said "C:\PROGRAM FILES\DOWNLOADS\STARRY SKY ~IN SPRING~\README.txt: unknown version." what must i do? please help me. :(

  67. @Amy Davis
    Not to be rude or anything but, did you read the tutorial properly? You need to change the Regional and Language settings before installing the game and if you want to play without those "scrambled letters", start over. Uninstall the game, change the settings I indicated that needs to be changed, reset, re-install the game, reset (optional) then patch.
    By the way, I really don't think you should install this in your school netbook. Aside from not having access to the Control Panel (which you definitely need), in my honest opinion, it's highly inappropriate since it's a school property and you're in school. What do you do in school anyway? I recommend that you install this in your OWN computer. Hate to be a lecturer but...

  68. @Aruvi Mizuki
    Please explain your problem further. What steps did you do before you reached that stage? Please, put ALL the things that you did.

  69. yeah i know it was only to test it i uninstalled it after(its a lease one). i did follow you tutorial exactly so no clue what went wrong but here are some snaps.

    now as soon as i start installing this happens:

    also not to be a pest but there might have been a few less issues if u created a video instead

  70. @Amy Davis
    The first two links you gave are actually screenshots of the setup when you're going to uninstall the game. As for the last one, that's a directory error. Some files' locations or names have been changed. Because of that, the setup can't uninstall the program.

    I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with my tutorial. If it really wasn't that of much help to you, google another one. There are tons of tutorials out there (though they don't have screenshots). And who knows? You might find your solace there. As for the video, I don't have that much free time to make that so good luck on finding one.

  71. thanks dont worry bout it i just got it working.

    if anyone else has the same problem just download revo uninstaller pro and you'll soon figure out how to fix it:)

  72. @sasugasugoi well. I already download STARRY SKY ~IN SPRING~ in english patch. After that i install it like your tutor in part "Moving on to the English patch" then after the part 'STARRY SKY ~IN SPRING~files will be patched in the following directory'.I click 'next' but always that box said that appear. Am i must download STARRY SKY ~IN SPRING~ japanese ver first? sorry if my english bad. >.<

  73. @Aruvi Mizuki
    Unfortunately yes. You need to download and install the Starry Sky ~in Spring~ japanese game first. After that, you can proceed to the patch.

  74. Um yes hello. I am having a problem trying to locate the directory of the English patch. Well I mean I can get into the english patch but every time I double click it all that shows up is the configure folder. I'm not to computer savvy so I think I may have done something wrong when setting it up or something. How do I fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  75. @Somuadina Enewally
    Hm? Do you mean that you can't find the directory of the game to patch in the English Patch? Or there's a problem in the patch itself, for example, it shows error at a certain point? Tell me what version of patch you're using and the steps you did before reaching that stage.

  76. Oh, umm I can't find the directory of the game to patch in the english patch. oh umm sorry I'm not sure what version I downloaded but I do now it came from the site. I followed the tutorial and had gotten the japanese version of the game to work smoothly but when I went to go patch it, all that I saw was a configure folder and when I clicked that all I got was a picture of the patch.

  77. @Somuadina Enewally
    If possible, can you provide a screenshot? If not, ah, well.
    Try manually placing the directory. Go to the folder where you installed the game. Copy the address in the address bar and paste it in the space for the directory in the patch.

  78. oh! I got it working but now every time I try to use the directory it says invalid directory. What should I do? Oh and thanks for the help so far. You've really helped me out. :)

  79. So yeah, we all had that "Invalid Directory" problem. Even I am not really sure I got it to work because I was also having that problem for a long time.
    Restart your computer first. After that, open the patch. Close other applications that may slow the patch. Place the directory again. Be sure that it ends with the FOLDER. Not the game.
    Sorry if I'm not really useful. Like I said, I'm not really sure how I did it since I tried a lot of things to make it work. Before I got this game work in English, I uninstalled and re-installed this game 15 times. All with different settings.

  80. I got it working!!! Yay!! Thanks for the help!!! You've really really helped me!! I can't wait to play!!! X3 Thanks again!!

  81. Oh, thank you, too! Good luck on playing! I hope you like Suzuya as well! :3

  82. I'm having some problems. I think I installed it wrong and now I can't uninstall it to reinstall it. It keeps giving me an error message but I don't know what it wants from me! Please help!

  83. @Evasense
    Try going to the Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Uninstall the game. That works for Windows XP and Windows 7. Dunno about Vista and Mac. Can't help you in that part.
    Besides, "error message but I don't know what it wants from me" is not exactly a helpful way to tell what's the problem. Please tell me what you did before the error message appeared.
    Sorry for the late reply.

  84. Ok well, when I try to un-install the program this error comes up if I click no the whole thing disappears, if yes I get this error When I try to remount the disk to see if I can re-install I get this error And lastly when I try to re-install I get this error I have no idea what to do.

  85. Arigatou gozaimasu ! Wouldn't have worked without you !

  86. @Evasense
    Thank you for the screenshots. That was very helpful. And because of that, I know what's the problem now.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but you might have changed the name of some files from the game or changed the name of the game/application itself. Now, because of that, the install wizard/setup can't find it since it changed its name. The solution? Try to find the original title of the file name you changed (if you did change one). If it's the game, you can copy the name from the title of this post (just remove the spaces) and you got it. You can now uninstall it.
    Now, this is just the solution if you did change the name of something from the game's folder. If you deleted anything, well... f you have zip/rar files of the game, just extract it again.

    By the way, don't forget to change your system locale AND language for non-unicode programs. I saw the ss and it should be in japanese.

  87. @Daisy
    Oh, I'm happy that this tutorial was of some use. :)

  88. Hello!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have Windows Vista and I followed all of your instructions to the letter. The game and patch work perfectly! Thank you so much!

  89. @Anna
    Oh, that's wonderful. I have no idea that this tutorial would work for Vista. Thank you for letting me know.

  90. I love youuuuuu, thank you for the great/easy tutorial, the game works just fiiiine

  91. by the way is this kinda writing normal?? the text is clear but these things are kinda annoying me, so are they normal, or there is a problem???


  93. I'm generally pretty challenged when it comes to computers and downloading, but your tutorial wasn't that hard to follow, so thank you :)

    Everything went fine when I was downloading the game, and at the end it said that it was successfully patched. But when I try to play the game, it's in Japanese :< I've tried to repatch it twice already, and it's still no use. What should I do?

  94. for the patch, i look into my c drive thing where the starry sky in the spring stuff is and i see a buncha files but not like the screen shot you had i had a lotta .arc files and the game application and a buncha weird stuff can u help me? with the english patch?

  95. @Hiba
    Oh, it's not supposed to look like that. But fortunately, I think I have an idea on what your problem is. I think you changed your language for non-unicode programs in the middle of the whole thing. Like, you installed the game and then suddenly remembered that you forgot to change the language for non-unicode programs so you changed it and then proceeded to patching. I'm sorry to say, you have to start again. Just be sure to change all the settings before installing the japanese game.

  96. @Kathy
    Thanks, I'm glad to know that this tutorial's easy to follow.

    As for the problem, try resetting your computer. You see, the computer might not yet be accustomed to the changes that was recently made. If it still didn't work, might it be possible to provide a screenshot?

  97. @kidturds
    Hm, did you try putting the directory ending with the folder of the game in C drive? If you haven't tried that yet, try it first. The patch will actually replace those .arc files with the custom-made/hacked ones. I'm not sure what your OS is but it might have enabled you to see those files even in the directory. So please, try the solution I recommended. If it still didn't work, would it be possible to give a screenshot of your problem?

  98. nah i changed it before installing the game, and restarted the pc ... i did everything the way it should be done, anyway it's okay the writing is clear so no problem, i'm enjoying the game, so thank you a lot

  99. I'm not really sure what you mean by resetting my computer >< And I don't actually know where the problem is, so I don't know what to screenshot :<

    Would restarting the download from scratch be an option? Because I feel like that would be easier than to try and fix a problem I can't find xD;;

  100. @hiba
    Well, if you're satisfied with that... But if you feel like it, you can start again. That's what I did when I experienced that problem.

  101. @Kathy
    Hm, if you want to, really, solve the problem, the best way is to start again by uninstalling the game then resetting the computer after. After doing that, start again. I'd say, you don't have to repeat the download, unless, you downloaded the old version of the patch.

  102. Regarding my earlier problem about the english patch, i downloaded a file for it and now it's in a folder and has been extracted. I have uninstalled and reinstalled starry sky but im confused as to how to install the english patch Help? Thanks

  103. NVM i got it to work thanks for the tutorial!!!

  104. @KidTurds
    Oh,okay. If you say so... I'm grateful that my tutorial was of help!

  105. by the way, what is Q-save for??

  106. @Hiba
    At the game? Q-save stands for Quick Save. It allows you to save, uhm well, quickly without having to choose which slot to save in. It's also the special slot that will be automatically be loaded when you click Q-Load.

  107. My Japanese version of the game works fine but when i try to install the English patch it comes up as:

    Starry Sky ~In Spring~ English Patch v1.0
    This program cannot update the installed version of Starry Sky ~In Spring~ because of the following reason:

    Help please? ):

  108. The game works in Japanese.
    But when i try to install the patch, i moved everything related to the game in the B drive to a folder on my desktop. It lets me patch it but when i play the game,it's still in Japanese... :C

  109. I meant to say D drive

  110. @5e0e611e-c557-11e1-b957-000bcdcb8a73
    Well, if there's anything I can say, I think the patch can't find the correct directory. Like in the error you gave:
    "This program cannot update the installed version of Starry Sky ~In Spring~ because of the following reason:


    That readme file would appear next to the game's folder after it's done patching. Look at the address given. It's says "C:\USERS"... And if you say that you placed the game in the D drive... Well, it's a mess. That's why I recommend installing the game in the C drive.

  111. 5e0e611e-c557-11e1-b957-000bcdcb8a73July 5, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    i installed the game in the C drive, as you said its in japanese so when i went to install the english patch in the c drive for the folder it said game is fully patched but still in japanese
    i extracted the contents of the ISO file into a folder inside the C drive as well as one on the desktop, i had a successful time installing either one and the english patch but it didnt work.....Help :C

  112. Thank you so much for making the tutorial! I also have a problem, unfortunately. I installed the game in my C drive, making another copy of it in another location also, and managed the setup perfectly fine and patched the game fine also. No error messages have popped up and the game is working. The system locale is set to Japanese.

    However, the patched version doesn't appear once I start the game. The game is still the original Japanese, with proper Japanese writing. I tried to re-do the setup and patching on the other location as well, and the same thing is happening. Can you please help?

  113. @5e0e611e-c557-11e1-b957-000bcdcb8a73 and Kie

    Well,that's hard. Both of your problems are quite similar, if not the same. There are many factors that could be the reason why it's not working and I can't pinpoint which. I've heard of that problem before in other sites and so far, nobody can tell what exactly the problem is. You see, the success rate of this stuff still depends on the OS and the computer itself. I have to be honest: I really can't tell. I don't want to make you do stuff for a problem I'm not sure of.

    I'm sorry for being useless! :(

  114. 5e0e611e-c557-11e1-b957-000bcdcb8a73July 6, 2012 at 12:33 AM

    Thanks sasugasugoi i figured it out
    you have to place the game in the Program files within the c drive and install the patch there also

  115. Thank you for the reply anyway, sasugasugoi! I'll try copying what 5e0e611e-c557-11e1-b957-000bcdcb8a73 did. And it's fine, at least you told us. :)

  116. Hi, I just wanted to clarify - when I download all three parts of the patch, am I supposed to extract them indivually or attach them together before extracting? And where should I extract to? Drive C or into the file where I have my game?

    -- Otome Panda-chan.

  117. @5e0e611e-c557-11e1-b957-000bcdcb8a73 and Kie
    Thank you for being understanding. :)

  118. @Anon/Otome Panda-chan
    Join them together first before extracting. Anywhere's fine as long as you will put the correct directory of where you installed the game in the patch iteslf.

  119. Hi! First of all, thank you for making a tutorial!
    But I am having some problems patching. I wasn't able to put the StarrySky folder in Drive C. I assumed it wouldn't be a big deal so I put it in Drive E and wasn't able to find it in the Directory. I also tried to put it in Drive H and that hasn't worked out either. Do you think you can offer a solution for this? Thanks in advance! :D

  120. I can download the East Asian Language Support, do you have another link from I can get it? Jumbo always try to install some kind of video downloader instead of the language pack

  121. @thehanriu
    Are drives E and H removable drives? If it is, Cut+Paste method won't work for this stuff and you need to install it to the computer itself.

  122. @Aeryn
    You sure? I downloaded it just fine. I think you clicked the wrong one since the "download" button here is really small. Look for the smallest one.

  123. Thanks! I finally could download it, I'm gonna try now to install the english patch. Thank you so much for this tutorial *-*

  124. I want to stay with suzuya! Does the game give me that chance? haha

  125. how do you combine the iso files into one?
    and the 2nd,3rd,4th parts of my download won't extract properly even after i hit alt+R.(i have the eroge download)


  126. ahm... i need help
    i try to download starry sky-in spring.. but there is some kind of a says..
    "C:\Users\owner\Downloads\StarrySkySpring.part2.rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Try again later, or contact the server administrator."
    what should i do??
    by the way.. i'm also a newbie..
    hope you can help..^^,

  127. after patching the game,
    can i change back the regional and language options to its normal settings without changing the the language of the game?? ^-^;

  128. @Aeryn
    Unfortunately for us, Tsukiko (the girl) changes guys every season (damn lucky girl). But if you want more Suzuya, in a slightly more mature event, you can check out the Starry Sky ~AFTER Spring~. That's in japanese though. You'd have to be patient with ith/atlas combination until they fully license this game in the US.

  129. @Elea
    Hm, if they're not in the same location, please put them in the same address first. Now, that still depends on the kind of file you have. If your file is like this (filename.7zip) You need the help of 7zip and not Winrar. Well, just go to this tutorial:

  130. @alex
    I don't know where you're downloading the game but one reason may be that the uploader deleted the file on the site so you can't download it anymore.

  131. @reign
    Oh, haha. I'm not sure about that but if you don't want chaos when you want to uninstall the game, don't change the "Language for Non-unicode Programs". To be sure, don't change anything yet. I'm not sure if the game engine of Honeybee (the game developer of starry sky) is the type to go hay-wire once the system locale is changed.
    That's my opinion, however. If you want to change anything, it's up to you. Good luck :)

  132. okay... thanks for the advice sasugasugoi.. :)
    i'll make sure to follow it to avoid complications.. ^^;
    by the way.. your tutorial is really helpful and easy to understand!!
    it's really awesome!! ^-^/

  133. @reign
    Thank you for appreciating my tutorial. I'll be sure to make more tutorials to help others in their difficulties.

  134. @alex
    Are you downloading the game itself? If so, I'll try to upload my own copy. I'l just post the download link so please check this blog every now and then. :)

  135. HI :)
    I followed all your instructions correctly. When I start the game, its still in Japanese. What do I do? :((

  136. after patching how do we open the game that got patched (mine actually stay japanese, I think i did somewrong but I don't know. Ill answer any questions about how I went with the tutorial) :D

  137. Well, I'm with him in this one and I will wait for the US version of After Spring! For now, I'm currently downloading starry sky in winter (I wanna be lucky too xD)

  138. Do you have any idea if there is an english patch for starry sky in winter? Sorry for the doble post

  139. @Anon (Hi, I'd appreciate it if you'd read the comment form message first before comment but anyway...)

    Did you do this:
    -Install the game with correct Regional and Language Settings > RESET
    -Proceed to patching > After patching > RESET
    -Launch the game.

    I know it's tiring and I don't know what OS you are using but resetting usually does the job. Tell me if I got something wrong in understanding something.

  140. @Aeryn
    Nope, sorry, there's no English patch for Starry Sky ~in Winter~. I'm grieving for that one, too. I love the StuCo President. :(
    I'm not sure if the news that all of the Starry sky games are currently being translated under an official US license is true but so far, only Starry Sky ~Spring has an English patch.

  141. @crytalers
    Just open it through the same application/game. If it's truly patched, the japanese characters would be switched with alphabets. Goodluck!

  142. wOw.. that would be very helpful.. thank you so much!! :)

  143. @alex
    I'll post the links once my exams are over, which is next week btw. Can you please wait until then? Using the internet is kind of tempting, you see. Heck, even checking my blog is risky.

  144. sure! i'm really sorry for troubling you...
    and thank you soOo much in advance!!!!

  145. hello again.. :)
    hmm.. i just wanna ask...
    do u know any websites where i can download the starry sky in winter, summer and autumn??
    i'm kinda addicted now with this game..hehe
    wish u can help,,, :)

  146. The download I used was the one from Mirukai and the patch worked and it said everything was patched. When installing the game, since it wasn't in English, I just hit next on everything.. That maybe where my problem lies, but I'm not sure. Again, the patch worked but when I went to play the game. The game still had Japanese characters for the game play. I already changed my system locale to Japanese

  147. @reign
    I'm sorry to say that all copies uploaded on file-hosting sites before this year were deleted. Some of these sites include Mediafire and Megaupload which happens to be the the sites usually used on this kind of stuff. I don't know if has already recovered these titles so I suggest you check up on them. Meanwhile, I will be also uploading the Starry Sky games on my own.

  148. @Anon
    Hm, really? But the characters are in proper Japanese form or are they mixed with special characters?

  149. hello.. :)
    ahmm.. do u know anything about 'jumbofiles'?? and how it works?? please help...
    by the way i'm downloading it in

  150. hi! your tutorial is really great..!
    now i really love starry sky!! :]
    do u know where else i can download starry sky after spring?? there seems nothing like that in erogedownload..

  151. oh nevermind.. i already figured it out.. sorry for my lame question.. -_-,
    anyway.. can you recommend any other otome games?? 'w'/

  152. I can't save the game! Someone help please. Please.
    Arigatou gozaimasu!

  153. @Haru-chan
    You won't find it in because there is no english patch available. If you want to play ~After Spring~ you'll have to do it by translator. Is that fine with you? If it is, I suggest that you check out Nevertheless, I will upload it on my jumbofiles account after my exams are done.

  154. @light
    Are you looking for games in English/with English patches or games hopelessly still in Japanese but good enough to make you crazy about it?

    If you're looking for an otome game with an english patch, why don't you try The Second Reproduction of Heterodoxy. I have a review here in my blog. Just check it out for the mean time.

  155. @Anon (please read the Comment form message before commenting, okay?)
    Did you remove anything in the folder of the game. Like some folder named savedata?

  156. i tried patching with the eng patch from OGE and even got a message that said it was patched successfully but when i opened the app again, everything was still in japanese !
    Do you know how to fix this problem ? ):

  157. Hi,tnx for ur helpingm I installed it and patched!its work but when I change the language again it doesnt work at all!should I play the game till the end by Japanese language on my desktop?!!!

  158. Erm Hello there. D:
    I downloaded the game and patched it fine. I already change the locale to Jap and downloaded the latest directX. Before the patch, the game works fine.
    But after the patch, some sort of error in Japanese came out.
    I downloaded the english patch from here
    Please help me >_< Thanks in advance!

  159. @nekorin
    Even after resetting the computer? Hm... what's your OS?

  160. @Ximena
    Change your language back to English. Try patching it again. You don't have to put the computer language in Japanese just to play this game. Only the System Locale and Language for Non-Unicode Programs really matter. This time, don't change any settings once you finished installing/patching.

  161. @Emille
    Hhn... Sorry, I can't read crap about Japanese but I think I saw this error already.
    What's the status of your video card? CPU/Laptop? Overall computer specs?

  162. Well, hello XDDD. before i say anything, i think this blog is pretty wicked. i absolutely love it and think it could be super awesome if it could grow into a really big thing, it would be really nice. I can't really say I'm a total expert on visual novels, but I'm no noob either, so if you need any help getting visual novels for this blog (which I don't think you do, seeing that you use atlas to translate your visual novels which pretty much makes your variety a LOT bigger) I'd love to help XDD.


    ....JK that was kinda obvious :p.i suck at making jokes, as u can obviously tell. this game worked perfectly~ thanks to ur tutorial. So, arigato gozaimasu~, thank you, thank you! It was all pretty straightforward, the only part that gave me a bit of trouble was maybe the top part where I needed the East Asian Language things cuz I didn't have the CD....but thx to ur download it all worked out in the end xDD. Well, like I said, you're free to contact me if you need any help with this blog/visual novels. Okay soo Ja ne!

  163. My game is working in english, but i cant save the game, help :C

  164. @Lujan Garcia
    u again? :p LOL jkjk. r u sure ur saving it correctly? r u using quick save or actually saving it in a slot? if ur saving it correctly, look into ur starry sky folder in the asgard folder in C:program files or wherever you put it. Is there a folder named savedata in there? If not, then just manually make a folder in the Starry Sky folder and name in savedata. It should work then.

  165. @Black Angel
    Yes, yes. Thank you for the offer. I'll contact you WHEN I need those games. But how can I do that? Will you always check this blog or you'll send me your e-mail address? Better yet, I can add you up as another blog author. What do you think?

    You can always contact me through this blog.

  166. @Black Angel
    Yes, is me again T_T I dont have the folder in my starry sky folder, and i create one but doesnt work :( is "savedata" no? Those 3 guys hate me and make my game dont work u.u

  167. thank you for the tutorial
    now I can play Starry Sky -in spring
    Arigato Gozaimasu

  168. LOL whoops I haven't thought of that. umm, i guess u can do watever u want xD. ill be checking this blog and my email is

  169. @ Lujan Garcia
    that's weird...I guess I can try sending you a save file and see if that works...though I doubt it cuz I've looked into that folder and theres a different save file everytime...are you sure you're saving it correctly? does both quick save AND the save not work?

  170. i tried both but neither works :S Please, send me yours save files to paste in my starry sky folder
    Thx :)

  171. Okay should I send it xDD

  172. ._. emmm, upload it to mediafire or something like that, then send me the link k? :)

  173. asdasdasd my sis logued her acount and i didnt noticed before!

  174. @Black Angel
    I sent you a blog author invitation, 'kay? :)
    It's up to you whether you'll accept. I hope you do though.

  175. @Lujan Garcia
    Sorry for the late reply! I was busy for first time this summer xD! anyways heres the link, I think this is wat ur missing since it looked different from the other save files...just put it into ur savedata folder in the starry sky in spring folder

    thank you very much! xD. btw, how can i PM u?

  176. @Black Angel
    Well, I'm also thinking about that. Anyway, here's my e-mail add first:

    I'm not sure if this will work since this is my first time having a co-author but why don't we try making a draft post and see if the other can see it too? How about that? :D

  177. @Black Angel
    Oh, by the way, please help me fill up the blog. Do you have Yo-Jin-Bo? If you do, would it be possible for you to provide a download link so the readers can have it too?

  178. for the most part i thought i was doing things correctly but then this thing pops up TT_TT what does it mean? what am i doing wrong?? Q-Q


  179. @-frankie-
    I can't access the link you gave. If this is a picture file, kindly upload it to any file-hosting site.
    If that won't be possible for you, please describe the situation itself.

  180. ah i was able to figure it out myself thank you though and sorry for troubling you

  181. @frankie
    Oh, okay. If you say so.

  182. @Black angel
    Sadly, the thing didnt work :P i ll try to reinstall the game T_T

  183. thank you so much for the tutorial! now i can play the game also the english patch works ^q^
    at first i was having patching problem like everyone ("C:\USERS\ESTHER\DESKTOP\STARRY SKY\STARRY SKY ~IN SPRING~ V1.0 FULL\README.txt: unknown version." something like that) but after i patched it to the asgard folder in the program files instead of my own folder, it works ^q^ i wouldn't noticed it if i didn't read this tutorial! and i was redownloading the patch and the game from different sources x_x i thought the mistake was in the file haha

    anyways, thank you so much!

  184. @Farrah.
    I'm glad you appreciate my help! I feel pumped up and inspired to make more tutorials when I get comments like this. Thank you! :)

  185. the patch says "Invalid Directory" all the time, help me please

  186. T.T I can't find my patch~ I downloaded everything from erogedownload and my locale/language is already set to Japanese, so the game worked (in Japanese)
    I looked around in my asgard file but there's no patch in there ;~;

  187. Hello,
    First of all, thank you for this... It's pretty cool !
    But, I have a little problem... Etooo~ I downloaded everything from "miru's blog" and my locale/language are already set to japanese... The game worked ! In Japanese. The patch is install, and he said "go to play !" so... no error. But, dialogue remain in Japanese... I reinstall the game several times, (5 or 6...) but it doesn't work ._.
    Need help ;w; ! Thank you.
    (Sorry for my english I'm french >o<)

  188. @Beloved Captain
    First of all, you're french? i no ur probably a girl me maybe? ;). LOL jkjk. why don't u try downloading the files from this site and see if it works? Sometimes weird things happen and some download links will work while others don't. I know because before I found this site it took me a few downloads to find one that worked. The download links for this game on the website is located in the Starry Sky ~In Spring~ review.

  189. I can't locate the download link! D: Please help me? Thanks alot >< I really want to play this game :(

  190. @LuMiN0uSaRc
    Go to the "Reviews" page and view the review for Starry Sky ~in Spring~. It's at the bottom part of the review.



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