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Friday, September 21, 2012

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season

Hello girls! (and guys...?) Black Angel with you! Sorry it took me so long to post this, I was planning on posting this on Sunday, but school projects got in the way. Yes, I'm a high-schooler too, believe it or not! By the way, I've decided to keep things consistent, for my sake as well as yours, and have decided to post my stuff every Sunday. I'll try following this schedule as best as I can, and if things don't work out like this time, I'll just post it as soon as I can :). So let's get to it!
              Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season (also known as 2nd Kiss) is a Nintendo DS game released by Konami! Although it's the second game in the Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series, the storyline   has nothing to do with the first game and you could play it perfectly without playing the first game, which is how I actually played it. The only relation is that one of the guys in this game is a cousin of a guy in the first game, which isn't that important. This game was only released in Japan, but an English patch has been released, yay! The reason that I picked to do a review and installation tutorial for this game first is because I simply enjoyed this game more than the first one ^.^. I found the characters a lot funner and the gameplay a lot smoother. Of course, this game is fully voiced! There is also a third game in the series, but the English patch is still in the making. I don't even need to explain my excitement for the release of the TMGS 3 English patch when it comes out because it looks amazing!!! It'll probably take a while though since it's extremely text heavy *sigh. I need to learn Japanese...Don't worry though, I will eventually release a review/tutorial for the first game, especially if I see a lot of demand for it. Which means you need to comment!!!! Don't be shy!! (Thank you people who made these Tokimeki Memorial patches!!)

             Typical, typical shojo manga story. You're the new girl in town and rushing to hurry to school. Unfortunately, (well, not really :P) you're lost! So you decide to stop by somewhere close and ask for directions. You see a cafe and meet a handsome, but also rude waiter. He gives you the directions and you find you way to school. Once you get there, you realize the waiter you met before is actually a student, and in the same class too!! Keep it a secret though, or else who knows what he'll do to you? The story continues through your three years of high school in which you meet friends and possible significant others! The story takes place in a modern-day setting at the beach coast, which has a significance in the story.

(my oh my, where to start...this is going to take a while...)

Saeki Teru
CV: Morita Masakazu (Ichigo from Bleach <3. That voice actor sure is popular...) (He was the seiyuu for Yo in the Yo-Jin-Bo, as well. -sasugasugoi)
The "main character". He is the first person you meet and is one of the hardest guys to get. He has a split personality: one at school where he's super nice, popular, smart, and kind, and another in which he's more of a rude,stoic character. This, of course, is the side which he shows to you. He has a gentler side on the inside though, once you get to know him, and he's very passionate about the ocean. All in all, I find him extremely heartwarming.

                                                                                      Wakaouji Takafumi
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki (Tyki from D. Gray-man, Naraku from Inuyasha, and Conrad from Kyo Kara Maoh!)
Teacher, teacher...well he's your homeroom and Chemistry teacher XD. Only in a game can a hot guy be your homeroom teacher for three years straight...(I've had one for two years though :p.). Even though he's a supposed young genius with an IQ of 200, he's a ditzy airhead who's always forgetting things. I don't know about you guys, but his ditziness just doesn't mix with me...I don't know, I just don't like ditzy guys they annoy me :p. But well, everyone's got their own tastes right? And I know this guy has a LOT of fans. Maybe I'm just weird...

Hikami Itaru
CV: Suzuki Chihiro (Soichiro from Kare Kano, Kouta in Elfen Lied)
Just by looking at his appearance I can already tell he is the student council president; and he is!! He's an extremely strict, studious student who is extremely intelligent and focused on making the school a better place where the rules are enforced. He even marked me late when I was only 15 seconds late!! I kind of really like his passion, it's hard to find that nowadays *sigh. I also feel like I'm kind of dating Tsubaki from Sket Dance through him, they're so alike! (Even though I think Tsubaki is much much cuter in personality and looks :). They should make a Sket Dance dating sim!! Who's with me??" (I AM~! <3 - sasugasugoi)

Hariya Kounoshin
CV: Suzumura Kenichi (Hikaru from OHSHC! Lavi from D.Gray-man!Isumi from Hikaru no Go! Also, Tsubasa from Starry Sky ~In Winter~ , and Masato from UtaPri!)
What can I say, I love his character. My favorite guy here, and maybe even my favorite in all of the games I've played (wait scratch all that..there IS a guy here I like more than him...but he's a secret character ;)). He's a stylish musician that has a cocky attitude. Oh, and his name isn't "Hariya", you have to call him "Harry" cuz apparently Harry is cooler... He has a type of "tsundere character". He's kind of cold to you at first, but when you two get close, he gets super cute and flustered <3. Adorable~.

Christopher Weatherfield
CV: Kanbara Daichi (This is his first big break ^.^)
Oh Chris...The happy-go-lucky English transfer student.Chris is the first guy I captured in this game. Why? Because he's the easiest :). He gets your affection really fast, and he's SUCH a flirt, always saying sweet nothings. So how can I help but NOT say "Okay, fine Chris you win, I'll capture you...". Not to mention he was also my first accidental kiss (more on that later). He's very artsy and creative, being in the arts club. You also figure out later (Don't want to spoil anything) that he's LOADED. ;)

Amachi Shouta
CV: Makoto Naruse (Tsubasa from Gakuen Alice)
Your kohai, you meet him when you enter your second year. You help him on his way to school, and ever since he has a lot of respect  and admiration for you! He's extremely shota-like, with a cute, bubbly personality, but who knows, maybe he has a serious interior? Hmm, well, I guess you'll have to play the game to figure out won't you? ;). He's also extremely popular with the younger girls.  Anyways, I think he's really cute when he looks at you with those big, puppy-dog eyes...

Komori Taku
CV: Matsubara Daisuke
Komori!!! I can't tell you how much I love him <3. Sadly, he only appears at the beginning of your third year. He doesn't come to school much and usually stays at home. He doesn't talk much and is VERY very shy. But he's SOOO CUUUTE <3. Well, that's pretty much it about him :). But you definitely have to get his ending, it's so touching :'). Yeah, I can't get over this guy...

That's it for the guys!!! There are more secret characters though, or guys that you can only see if you have special parameters, but I'm not going to spoil it for you :P (by the way, the secret character that I was talking about before that was my favorite guy was Akagi Kazuyuki, he's one of the more realistic guys that you actually MIGHT find in real life. He is my ultimate guy, and if I'm ever falling in love in real life, it's going to be with someone like him. :p). So now for the girls!! Yes, there are actually girls in this game. Can you date them? No, but you can be friends with them :). Or enemies...more on that later.

Nishimoto Haruhi
CV: Ai Maede (Chihiro in Persona 4)
A cheerful, energetic, outgoing girl that's in the Cheerleader club. She loves fashion and hanging out with her increases your Style. She harbors a crush on Harry (NO! my Harry!!! DX)

Mizushima Hisoka
CV: Minaguchi Yuko (Koko in Clannad, Nene in Loveplus)
A very feminine, lady-like girl. She's very well-mannered and reminds me of the classic Japanese woman; lots of guys have crushes on her. She's in Band and hanging out with her increases your Charm. She has a crush on Chris (hard to believe O.o)

 Onoda Chiyumi
CV: Kozakura Etsuko (Natto in Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clain)
A very studious, strict student that is on the Student Council. She is very polite and nice though, and I find her seriousness extremely cute XD. Hanging out with her increases your intelligence and she crushes on Hikami (No brainer! Those two were practically MADE for each other. They make a cute couple (*.*) )
Todou Tatsuko
CV:  Shindou Naomi
She is also a huge fan of the guys and the girls too! She has a cool personality and works at a gas station. She seems a little scary at first, but she becomes nicer as you get to know her.

That's it for the characters! There's so you can see, this is a very thought out game :). I like.

Game Length: The actual story is medium, but if you're planning on getting all the endings, it's EXTREMELY long. So have fun :)

Target Audience: Girls. I honestly can't see any guys playing this game. I mean if they do, that's so cool XD. But this is a very fan-servicey game with close to no plot other than character development, so I'm gonna play safe and say it's an extreme otome game. No ero-content, so it's 13+.

Gameplay: This game is much unlike other otome games is that it doesn't focus on choices you make with your characters, it's very real life-simulated. You choose to do activities, such as Style,Charm, Intelligence, Sports, etc. to raise your "parameters". Each guy has a different set of parameters and you have to reach those parameters to end up with the guy of your choice. You can also get a job, preferably with the guy you want if he has a job, and earn money. With this money you can buy clothes to impress your guy and gifts! You also need to initiate a relationship to get your guy. With most guys. upon meeting them you'll obtain their phone number and then you'll have to call them for a date. On these dates there ARE choices, one choice per date. The choices you pick will boost or drop your love meter, but not that badly, just going on a lot of dates is enough to raise the love meter. Also, there's skinship, which is a WHOLE new different thing, took me quite a while to get the hang of it. On your dates, if you poke him on certain parts of his body (O.o), or slide and rub your stylus onto him, it'll mean different things and also raise the love meter. For example, sliding your stylus across his eyes will indicate that you're staring at his eyes. Or a poke at his hand/arm will cause you to hold hands or link arms with him. Isn't that totally adorable <3? There are MANY different endings to this game, with endings, special, endings, double-guy endings, friend endings...I don't want to get into a whole lot of detail because I'm planning to add a walkthrough to this review, because this game NEEDS a walkthrough, playing it without a walkthrough is REALLY hard. At least to know the parameters, which is how I use it. Also, if you're aiming for a guy that your girlfriend has a crush on, she could become your rival, which can be quite scary... Overall, I liked the gameplay of this game, it was something new. At first, I admit, I thought it was boring. But then afterwards when i figured out everything I was like OOOOH!! I get it now!! Yes, unlike you lucky guys, there was no review or walkthrough so I was totally lost in the beginning of this game :p. After, I got the hang of it, I spent countless hours playing it...I highly recommend this game.

Characters: The characters in this game is more than plentiful, as you can see. I love these characters, I really do love every one, there is no character in this game that I hate, girls or guys. It was really fun getting to know each one and their opinions on certain things. The special scenes with CGs  were AMAZING, I almost felt like crying in them. There's so much variety in this game, which I really like! These characters really speak for themselves, if it wasn't for the different gameplay I would recommend it to any otome game beginner. But yes, the characters weren't boring at all, I didn't feel like strangling anyone at any point haha. Okay fine, maybe there is one guy...but I'm sure you'll figure out who ;).

Story: Like I said before, there is little to a main story or plot, unlike Yo-Jin-Bo or Chaos; Head, but rather it just matters on which guy you aim for, and each of them have their own little drama. But then again, this is supposed to be a realistic-fiction in the modern times, and hopefully for the sake of our main character it doesn't turn into a "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". I'd have to say each character's story is pretty engaging. I mean, it's not just like "Oooh, this guy's cute, let's keep going on a bunch of dates and get married at the end!". No, there IS a storyline, and hopefully you'll help the guy get past it :).

CG/Art:  The art is pretty cool. I mean, it's not like a PC or PSP game where you can make the CGs your wallpaper or something cool like that, which is pretty much the reason why I like these special pictures so much, but it's still nice to look through the gallery once in a while. This game has an anime-style art with a bit of a realistic touch to it, it's not totally bishonen art with sparkles all over LOL XD. I like the art, simple and sweet~

Music: The music is nice, it doesn't get annoying and it flows well with the story. Personally, I don't really mind or give a lot of attention to the music much, except for when there's an opening or ending theme song.

Difficulty: The game isn't too hard to get the special endings and normal endings for the most part, you just need to make sure your parameters are high and you go on enough dates with him. The choices aren't too hard for the most part, unless you're watching a movie or performance, then it's just a guess and check thing which can get kind of annoying, especially if I forgot to save right before the date. Then again, choices aren't too important and you can always go on another date to make up for it. If you're the type of perfectionist that needs the PERFECT answer to every question, just don't forget to save~

And that should be the end of my review!!! Sorry it took so long >.<. Installation tutorial coming right up! Like I always say, any requests, comments, or questions, please leave them below and check back later!

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season Walkthrough

Rom Download Link:
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season English

Alternate Rom Download Link:
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season English

Head over to the NDS Emulator Tutorial on this site to learn how to play it!



  1. hello again...
    ahmmn... can u make a tutorial for tokimeki memorial girls side 1st season???
    i also wanted to play that game.. ^-^

  2. @Bunny
    Haha, I promise I will in the near future ^_^. For now, if you're able to find the NDS rom for it and know how to apply the English patch onto it, you can follow the TMGS 2 tutorial on how to play it.

  3. i was just wondering if it's possible to play the game with the english patch in the actual nintendo ds? :)

    1. Check out my tutorial. And umm...I don't want to say too much, but you can use a flashcart...just google that :P.

  4. I dont know how to rub with NDS Emulator x_x
    help me, anyone?

  5. I can't find the english patch for the 3rd game anywhere :( please help !

    1. The english patch for the 3rd game is not yet done. Wait patiently and remember to thank the translators when they're done.

  6. Hello
    I need help
    When I load the game, there is a white screen :(
    How Can I fix it?

    1. I've actually had that happen to me once, all I did was delete everything and started from scratch and it worked again, so I'm not sure what the problem was. Try it and see if that works?

  7. Hi! I've just started playing this but I don't know how to save the current game. Whenever I exit it and try to continue playing the last scene, everything just goes back from the very start. I just don't know how to save the game. I tried looking for answers on Google but I couldn't find any solution. Can you help me with this? Thanks! (Btw, your blog is very useful! ^^)

  8. Ciaossu!~
    I'm finding a problem when I want to close an email. I can see the end button, but when I click it nothing happens. So I'm stuck. Does anyone know what I can do to bypass this? >_<
    Also, Komori seems to be my type. Hehehe... I might steal him from you.

    1. Hahaha
      Just found out the solution. God, I'm so stupid. Sorry for the post.
      BTW great blog!



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