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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Second Reproduction

            The Second Reproduction was published by Heterodoxy. It has the same setting as it's predecessor, The Queen of Darkness, by the same company. Unfortunately, Heterodoxy went defunct.

             Christina was the third princess of Almenan, and born in the era of war against the Demons. Having the status of a "Champion", Christina had countless battle victories upon her shoulders and was feared by the Demon race.
             Being the most successful of her three sisters, her mother, the queen, sent her on a secret mission to assassinate the Demon Lord Gardis in return for his ruthless annihilation of the Kingdom of Crofts.
             Obeying her mother's orders for the sake of the kingdom, Christina set out alongside with her most loyal knight Lezette to take the Demon Lord's head, and to bring peace to the land.

 (Demon Lord) Gardis
He's a slightly perverted but hardworking king of the Deathryde Kingdom. He loves showing his affection to the woman he loves and doesn't feel ashamed about it. That is to say, I love this guy.
 (Knight) Lezette
His personality resembles a dog. He's very loyal and has a bit of a dark side but nonetheless, a kind guy.

(Prime Minister) Jin
He's a pervy S&M fanatic that never fails to hint that. He's also a powerful demon. Despite that colorful personality, he's not really a main character of this game. More like, a bonus.

TITLE: The Second Reproduction
PUBLISHERS: Heterodoxy (went out of business)
GAME LENGTH: Short (2 - 10 hours) 


           Target Audience: The Second Reproduction is not really an 18+ game but also not a 'general audience' game since it contains some slight H-scenes. Of course, there are no hardcore things here but there are small indications of H-scenes. I'd say, this game is for 15+ girls with profound likeness for not-so-innocent hot guys. 

           Story: The main plot is one of a kind. On the surface, it may not seem to be quite special but this game will prove you wrong. Some lines and events are really deep. You might find yourself questioning your own beliefs. There are a lot of catchy lines; both dark lines and funny lines. Yes, it's not all doom and gloom. Some events are really funny. I even find myself reading the lines again and laughing again. There are many endings: 2 endings for Gardis and Lezette (1 good and 1 bad) and 1 ending for the bonus character, Jin. Both of the bad endings are heart-wrenching. I cried for the Gardis' bad end. In line with that, all of the good endings are really happy and clear. I like the good ends since it provided an insight of what happened in the future. 

           Characters: The characters are very exceptional. Christina is not the "doormat" type of heroine. You won't find yourself hating her for being useless and a weepy damsel-in-distress girl. She is a very strong not just physically, but also in her principles. It's not common to find a strong warrior-type heroine these days. All of her reactions line with the most probable reactions in that kind of situations. Moving on to the guys... Gardis is very likable, much more than Lezette. Even though all boys place great importance to the ones they love, Gardis' way of loving is very strong. Like "Woah... I hope this guy loves me!". That's my thought everytime I think of Gardis. Lezette, on the other hand, is cute. Cute but sometimes, annoying. Sometimes, you might find yourself saying, "Dude, get a spine!". Nevertheless, he's an awesome guy with his loyalty and cutesy funny remarks. Moving on to Jin... Jin is quite scary but some characteristics of his redeem his personality. Well yeah, he's adorable when he melted to Christina. I won't be able to describe this guy without spoiling his route. That is to say, you'll have to find it out yourself. Regarding the voice actors/seiyuus, all of them are really exceptional. I mean, really. Except, maybe, for Lezette. His voice grates my ears when he shouts. Otherwise than that, great! Sad to say, I wasn't able to find out who they are. Their participation really gave life to the characters and made the scenes more realistic. 

           CG/Art: All of the CG are carefully drawn and amazingly colored. It's really cool. Especially the CGs at the ending parts. The artwork can really make you bawl. At least, I did. The way it was done was the way you would expect to find in HD Wallpapers available today. Yes, that cool.

           Music: Another factor that made this game unforgettable? It's the background music. Starting from the music used in the OP video up to the last scene of the game, the music is exceptional. When I finished watching the OP video, I found myself humming to its tune. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out the title of the song. Fortunately, I was able to find the collection of the bgm used (It was ripped from the game). I really like the music since it matches the events well. When the event's sad, the music will make you cry. When it's happy, it'll make you feel light inside. Listen to it well and you'll get LSS (Last Song Syndrome) Hats off to the composer~!

           Setting: The story was set in a medieval-type fictional world. There's Almenan, Crofts and Deathryde. The story revolved around Deathryde so no need to be confused about the foreign kingdoms. I think it's very fitting since the story won't work in a modern kingdom.

           Difficulty Level: The choices are not "to-brood-over" type but there are some items and clues that might leave you thinking. Nevertheless, it's quite a joyride since you can finish this game in one sitting. 

           Opening Video:


           To sum it up, The Second Reproduction is a worthwhile game. Sure, it's not perfect and some lines are quite confusing, unnatural and doubt-worthy but still, the story is awesome. One of the few things I didn't like in this game was how the dialogue box covered half of the screen! Anyway, nowadays, you'll find that most reverse harem stories revolved mainly about the romance. In this game, it also revolves about the nature of humans and what a human might give up in order to get what he/she wants, even at the cost of losing his/her own humanity.


Game (461 MB):

English Patch:


  1. oo i want it oo thnks !! but when are going to uploaded the links?!

  2. @gabie
    I'll upload it once my exams are over. Uploading this kind of stuff is too much of a temptation. Don't worry, my exams will be over next week. Can you wait until then?

  3. Is this game fully voiced?
    or is it partially voice, depending on the scenes?
    I'm just curious about the voice, because when I played it sometimes there are voice overs for the characters and sometimes there aren't =\

    Thanks a bunch! :D

  4. @Yuyu
    The game is voiced only for the first parts of every new chapter and, of course, the opening scene. After that, there would be no voices. Queen Helaris doesn't have a seiyuu so don't ponder on that one. I'm disappointed since I like the voice of Christina and Gardis. Lezette's loud voice grates my ears.

  5. I really fell in love with piano music at first start menu.
    It was very beautiful piece,
    and i happen to found it on YouTube . Enjoy xD.

  6. @Juna
    Yes, I love it too. More so, I love the guitar instrumental piece that plays when things get a bit sad. It was utterly heart-wrenching.

  7. @Juna
    This is what I meant: Kanasimi


  8. What is the singer of this opening? Oh, and also The Second Reproduction opening is "Endless Know".

    And no, I'm sorry, I don't know who the singer is :) I think it's the same singer as the OP in the Ratirica otome game.

  10. Can someone tell me the voice actors of this game~?
    I really love Lezette's route but his voice sometimes hurt my But still i love him :D

  11. I'm kind of confused, I don't see the ^^;

    1. I'm so sorry. Mediafire and Jumbofiles deleted the TSR game I uploaded on their site. I'm hoping to upload these days. Don't worry, I'll post the link once I do. :3

  12. Wahh! I also loved the background music as well throughout the entire game!

    Can you please please please upload the link to the bgm as well??

    1. Alright. Allow me to upload it and I'll be posting the dl links.

  13. Is there a tutorial, to instal this? Cause I could use one

    1. ara, I don't have a tutorial... Don't worry, it's very simple. Just mount the image on daemon, install then add the patch inside the game folder (just as the readme file says in the file given by the translators) . That's it. Well, if you're still confused, I'll try to make one.

  14. It's okay, I figured it out, now all I need is the valentine's day patch~ *Ninja poof*

  15. First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH!~ I loved the game :D
    I finished everything but i cant seem to get some of the images for the gallery.. to be specific 2 images :D the third one after lezette's solo and the second to the last picture.. help please? :3

  16. help.i cant open the game.its all in black screen.i can only play the japanese version.

    1. Did you download both the game and the english patch? If so, did you put the english patch inside the game location and run the patched version and not the original?

  17. Hello!, please help
    i cant seem to mount the file. What is the file that i need to mount
    after extracting it

    1. You should mount the ISO file. You need daemon tools or something like that.

  18. Woah!I just finished playing and got all the endings...and i have to say that was one of the best otome games i've ever played.The art was so beautiful and the boyyss...!I loved Gardis the most because he truly wanted Chris to be happy,no matter who she chose.But I got depressed because of Gardis's bad was so heart breaking.Anyway,thank you for this review!

    1. I KNOOOOW! Gardis' bad ending was so heartbreaking! :'(

  19. You know what you meant by 'H-scenes'?

    Are the horror scenes very horrible? The art is so beautiful that even the blood looks real. I don't mind the beginning were there is the CG of the bloody hands, but is there anything worse than that? The game sounds interesting but I'm a wuss, so if there's anything vile and horrible, can you please let me know xD? I don't want to play a game that i'll have a nightmare over...

    1. LOL the H doesn't stand for horrible, but rather "hentai" XDD aka ecchi scenes aka pervy moments :). There aren't really that horrible SCENES but there are some dark, dreary moments, although they are depicted in the writing, not actual scenery.

  20. help.i cant open the game.its all in black screen.i can only play the Japanese version.i put them together but noting happen what should i do



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