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Q: How do you read "F.A.Q" fuh-kyoo?
A: I recommend regular intake of iodized salt. That is to say, don't be, uhm, a fool

Q: Why is the question above answered, uhm, quite poetically? 
A: Because it's a nonsensical question, it deserves a speck of intelligence.

Q: Why is this blog's content crappy?
A: Oh, shi... 

Q: No, really, why are the questions above crappy? 
A: Well,  because I can't think of what questions a reader might ask. 

Q: Can't you be more serious?
A: Who are you, my mother?

Q: Why are you asking, too? Aren't you supposed to answer?
A: Okay, I'll be serious. 

A: If you have any questions, just ask me. Email, post a comment, whatever, just reach me. I recommend you to post a comment below because I'll be able to see it immediately. 


Q: Why did you answer when there is no question?
A: Die. 

*recent changes*
Q: Why did the download links or the tutorials for the English otome games disappeared?
A: Well, it's a fickle situation. I don't really promote piracy. I always buy my own copies of these games. Legally and legit. As for the Japanese games, well, most of the times if I liked it enough.  It does not encourage indie developers to do more otome games if we're just gonna pirate it anyway. At least publicly. We are never gonna announce it over and over again. You'll have to discover this through this page or the one update post I'm doing. Here's the thing: You can ask us for download links but privately. That means you'll have to e-mail us.


  1. Do you know where to find Starry Sky in Autumn and Starry Sky in Winter? :O I can't find a proper download anywhere.

  2. @EternalMoonz
    Sorry, I haven't uploaded my copy yet. You can also find copies of it in

  3. Hey! Found your blog through if I'm not mistaken, lol... I also want to download The Second Reproduction, Yo-Jin-Bo, Starry Sky~In Spring~ if I've got the chance to download it :)... And yup (sharing is caring, haha), cause I have hard time with Otome games since most of them are commercial or in Japanese language... So yeah to free download XD

  4. @veebie29
    I will try my best to find a file-hosting site that does not always perform a deleting-spree. They're killers.

  5. Sorry, didn't notice that you reply my comment... (No email notification, lol) Haha... Anyway, kinda confuse with what you're saying but nevermind...(I guess you mean the file that you're sharing)Thanks for the tutorial, it does help me... Anyway I already download The Second Reproduction, Starry Sky~In Spring~ and (currently) Yo-Jin-Bo from

  6. [if I've got the chance to download it] means that I have unstable Internet connection (usually) so hard for me to download...

  7. @veebie29
    Oh okay. Whatever works. Meanwhile, I will still be uploading my games. They also serve as my copy.

  8. Okay...^^ Basically I have hard time finding nice English Otome games which is free, (don't have credit card) lol....

  9. @veebie29
    Sadly, there's not a lot of genuine or fan-translated otome games. The otaku world is dominated by men. Very few would actually do the hard work for us otome game-lovers.

  10. Yup... That's why I keep my eyes for those doujin companies which make quite good otome games... (I still haven't really play The Second Reproduction, Starry Sky in Spring and Yo-Jin-Bo... Kinda lazy, lol) BTW, nice to meet you! ^^

  11. do u have any psp or pc games in english or japan?can u upload it if u have the game?thanks :)

    1. I have Hakuouki (PSP) in English. I'm currently uploading it. And yes, I usually upload my copies.



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