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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Who are the people behind this blog? Actually, it's not "MEET THE TEAM". It's "MEET THE DUO". First is,

Changed again since I found sexy senpai-kun from KyoAni
Me, of course. I am just a simple sixteen-year old kiddo brat girl otome-gamer. Before thrusting myself in otome games, I was an avid player of MMORPG. At the mere age of six, I was already playing Ragnarok Online. Twisted kid. I upgraded to otaku level afterwards. I studied how to edit manga upon having my first experience on Adobe Photoshop CS2 when I was fourteen. This lead me to be part of various scanlation teams/groups. Then, I discovered the world of otome games.

Eventually, I created my "sasugasugoi" self. Why sasugasugoi? No, I'm not a fan of tongue-twister. For those who don't know, sasuga means "as expected" and sugoi means "cool" or "awesome" in that same aspect. Combining these two, sasuga sugoi, would mean "As expected, it's cool!". I like to think I can keep high standards even when I don't. (People are allowed to dream). I started as a web copy of my impressions on games and a reminder of how I did this or that. Then, I remembered my early days as an otome-gamer. I would never survive without those people who made tutorials on how to operate engrish gaming. Viola, presto, this blog came to be. My first otome game was Heart no Kuni no Alice by QuinRose. Yes, downright stupid to not know about fan-translated DS games first. That's how hilarious my first otome game moment was. I learned things the hard way. I first encountered AGTH, ATLAS Fujistu, DAEMON and hook codes before meeting with emulators and easy patching. Still, I'm grateful for that. I would never attain my gaming knowledge without that. Continuing on that road, I played various japanese otome games while keeping in touch with my otaku self.

I met Black Angel and she offered help which I accepted. Now, we're the Dynamic Duo! (Bad pun, I know)

(Sorry, it's too long. I hope somebody will still read this.) 


 I use this black angel (fanart...? that's unfortunately
not mine cuz I can't draw for the life of me) cuz it just
represents how I  think of myself :). You can create
your own interpretations. 

Black Angel 
Well, likewise, I am also just a simple introverted 15 year old otaku. I was home-schooled until I was 7, and since I didn't have any siblings at the time, I pretty much just spent my days reading, so as you can guess I'm an avid reader :). I was also an RPG player, but nothing like Ragnarok online :p, I was addicted to Wizards 101 though....:).  I was 10 when I turned into a full-fledged otaku at the library when Fruits Basket caught my eye and I became extremely hooked.          
 My otome game addiction (as well as general visual novels) didn't come until later when I read and watched The World God Only Knows and became interested "Do they have games like this for girls too?". After a little research I got Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd season, and it just took off from there. That's also around the time where I became a complete computer geek and became interested in computer technology. Anyways, how I came upon this blog. I was just looking for the  Starry Sky ~In Spring~ download so I went onto erogedownload. I scrolled down to the comment section and all I see is "sasugasugoi" "sasugasugoi" "come to my website for download instructions!" and I was like okay why the heck not? I went onto her website and got the game successfully installed, and then I became curious about this sasugasugoi and started going through her website, and all the Atlas and AGTH looked as complicated as can be. I believe she also had her age on the sidebar, so when I saw she was the same age as me (16 at the time) I was like "NO WAY?!?! She's my age and she does all this?!?!" and I decided I wanted to get to know this person a little better, so Ta-da!! (To be honest, it actually took me a few months to muster the courage to add the comment and offer to help, because of my incredible shyness :)). I haven't actually played any non fan-translated otome games yet, so I'm kind of inexperienced compared to sasugasugoi, but I'm hoping I could still help. Gosh it is so hard for me to write without using emoticons why do you have to do this to me sugoi?! And she's saying hers is long *rolls eyes dramatically. Mine's half as interesting and twice as long! I am the epitome of unprofessionalism aren't I?


And that's all folks! I hope somebody will read mine too. Dynamic Duo!


  1. -raises hand- I read it all. Now you know someone did. ^^

  2. I also found this blog when looking for Starry Sky. XD (Just realized this was updated lol.)

    1. Haha well I'm glad you found us. Yes, Black Angel added hers. It's now complete :)

  3. I TOO READ THISSS!! whoaaa!! My first game was downloading hatoful boyfriend (which caused most of my frustration that week cause I was completely lost) and then mad father... now Im trying for hakuoki T_T so difficult... I read your tutorials,,, I'll try again... huhuuu

    you guys are awesome,,, thanks!

  4. I would never survive without those people who made tutorials on how to oper
    gaming engrish. gaming.Cool flash games.



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