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These CG are taken from visual novels (as of now, otome games). I got this by: 
a.) ripping it from the game by myself, b.) screen-shooting one-by-one (painstakingly done so) or c.) downloading from the various sources
I compiled these CG for your viewing convenience. Of course, spoilers ahead. View at your own risk. Don't complain at me when the pictures spoiled the game for you. Some CG may be too revealing. Once again, view at your own risk. 

How to view the gallery:
● Click the thumbnail of the picture you want to enlarge for better viewing.
● There are left and right arrows to be found at the sides. Ever used Facebook? Good. Just like that. It's at the middle.

Simple, right? Saaa~! Behold thy bishies!  

Arcana Famiglia Fan Disk

Second Reproduction

Starry Sky ~in Spring~
Starry Sky ~in Spring~

Uta no Prince-sama~Repeat~

Uta no Prince-sama ~Amazing Aria~

Uta no Prince-sama~Sweet Serenade~


  1. Hi~! Thanks so much for uploading CG's! By any chance will you be uploading the CG's for Uta no Prince-Sama debut and all-star?

    1. Maybe. Maybe if I get a nice legit copy. Until then, I probably won't. It's not a high priority in my list.



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Arigatou~! :>