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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Regional Settings Tutoial

Oh yeah, for those who saw this tutorial first: I changed the arrangement of the tutorials. This is now the third tutorial in the Newbie Guide Tutorial Series. Flashy, I know, but not entirely legendary (It's the only way to give it quite a cool image.)

This is the first and most important step in the VN installing: Changing your regional settings to Japanese. 

Q: Why?
A: (Oh, damn. We're back at this Q&A portion.) With incorrect settings, most--no, ALL Japanese games you downloaded and tried to install will appear with weird characters. If not, it won't work at all. (Hey, this is a proper Q&A portion. Unlike the F.A.Q page!Huzzah!) 

Windows XP
● You  need this file first:
          East Asian Languages [Mediafire]
          Mirror [JumboFiles]
 Since Mediafire is kind of paranoid these days what with the file-deleting to avoid piracy, I placed a mirror.
Well, huzzah and everything. They did another round of file-deleting. GENIUS. 

● Extract this file. Don't know how to? Refer here:

● Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages (tab) 

● Check the box in the Install files for East Asian languages.

● Click Apply. When it asked you for a CD, click OK. It will still give you the same error message but this time, it should you give you an option where to download the files from. 

● Look for the file you extracted. Actually, there should be only one file to appear. Install it.

● Restart you computer. Got it, restart.  

Windows 7
● Control Panel > Clock Language and Region > Region and Language > Administrative (tab)  > click Change System Locale

● Pick Japanese.

● You'll be asked for a restart so yes, immediately restart your computer. 
(Sorry if my labels won't be accurate. I haven't used Windows 7 for 2 or 3 months now.)

Vista/ Mac user? I can't help you. I have little encounters with that and zero visual novel installation experience. I'll research first and then put it up on this blog. So far, this is it. 


  1. Thanks for help ^-^

  2. hello..
    awesome blog you have here!
    say, I need to ask you some things.. is it really necessary to change the regional settings? because once I did it, it changed almost everything.. ie, my modem applicator, even the download manager came out in Japanese.. that was really troubling for me
    so, if you had any other suggestion as to what I should do in order to be happily playing the games without me being confused over my turned-out-to-be Japanese compy, I will be very grateful.. thanks before

  3. @abie
    Unfortunately, the answer is yes, to play any Japanese game you will need to change the regional settings. I had the same problem as you first, everything became Japanese and I was like nooooo!!! >.< I don't know how to read this!! but then i just changed the programs' language to English and restarted my computer and everything came back to the only thing I have that's Japanese is the 24-hour style clock and the date in the right-hand corner of the screen.
    If that doesn't work for you, you could always play the visual novels that don't need the regional settings to be changed! For example, Yo-Jin-Bo (in which its tutorial is actually on this blog), Re: Alistair (coming soon), and Always Remember Me (which is also on this blog). And those are only a few of the ones you can play without changing the regional settings.



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