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Thursday, May 24, 2012



I AM BACK---------! <3 
Yup, my trip was over and that can only mean one thing, I'm at your service once more. It's sad that nobody missed me but no matter, your usual correspondence to Starry Sky ~in Spring~ Installation--*cough* anything related to otaku-ness is back.

I'm going to start making the newbie guide. I'll immediately release it once I'm done with it. So newbies, stand by!

AGTH/ITH and ATLAS FUJITSU Tutorial will be released after the Newbie Guide. Actually, I'm still not done doing that either but it will be released a day or two after the release date of the Newbie Guide. That's still  uncertain. It's depends on my schedule.

I'll be recommending a new otome game. It's called The Second Reproduction by Heterodoxy. I will release the review first before the walkthrough/guide on how to play it.

Alright! That's three day-worth of updates! Yoi?



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Arigatou~! :>