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Sunday, May 20, 2012

HJ - Split Tutorial

Ah, by the way, this is now the second tutorial in the Newbie Guide Tutorial Series. OCD-ish or not, I prefer these tutorials to be arranged accordingly so that the newcomer would not be snowballed with confusion by going back and forth on my posts. Thank you very much.

Hello, hurrah and huzzah! Another tutorial but this will be verrrryyy short and easy. Real understatement compared to installing Starry Sky ~in Spring~.

I am currently looking for a good time to upload all my softwares. Anyway, HJ-Split is easy to find. Google it. asdfghjkl. Screw file-hosting sites nowadays.

Don't freak over a new download. HJ - Split is about 197 KB in size and you'll finish downloading it before you can even say, "TROUBLESOME".

Done downloading? Yosh, let's start.

● Extract the rar file. You'll find hjsplit with a check mark icon. Double-click that.

 ● Click the 'Join' button located at the top right corner.

 ● Click Input File and click the 001 File. HJ - Split will mention this but I'll mention it anyway. If the other files ( .002, .003, etc.) are in the same directory they will be found automatically. Needless to say, please put all the part files in the same location.

● Click Start.  

 ● So yeah, of course it will start working on it. While it's working, go do something else. Watch anime, read manga or play VN. Whatever works.

● When it's done, you will find the whole file in the same directory. Banzai!


  1. hello! Are we only supposed to be using this software for the English patch?
    Sorry, complete newbie here~ =u=

  2. @yunaxoxo
    Oh, yes. That's because I split the English Patch that I uploaded here. But if you didn't download the English Patch here, you don't need it.

  3. I have tried to join the english patch parts for Starry Sky Spring

    However, Whenever I open hjsplit to join them, it can't seem to find the files even though I have sucessfully downloaded them.

  4. Hi, I downloaded the game and the English patch from eroge website but the patch keep saying there's nothing to update. I tried using the patch you posted but it's showing the same thing. What do I do? The game is working fine. It's just in Japanese, that's all.

  5. @Bee
    Hm, really? Maybe the file is corrupt that's why HJ-Split can't find it. Try to open the file by Winrar menu. If a diagnostic message appears, it's corrupt.

  6. @WhiteRabbit
    Hm, that's rare case. For cases like this, going back to scratch usually works. After uninstalling the game, be sure to reset the computer. Rather, it's better to reset the computer for every changes like this so that it can apply the changes. After that, install the game again (with the correct regional and language settings) and patch it up. I know it's a really long and hassle process but try to bear it. If you think you have a better idea of what I do, I suggest you try that first before doing this.



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