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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Proper Updates Once More---!


Yosh, I finally have something to update.
Starry Sky ~in Spring~ English Patch is uploaded and the HJ-Split Tutorial is up.
The english patch can be found at the Starry Sky Review at the BOTTOM PART. Got that? I said, BOTTOM PART. Link? Click this.

HJ-Split Tutorial? Click this.

And yes, I know that the Reply button is simply horrid. I'm at the experimental stage. Unfortunately, we are the guinea pigs. I'm working on that and I'm telling you, I'm not an HTML expert.



Please put your names on your comments so I can differentiate which Anon I'm talking to. To place your name, click the drop-down arrow in the "Comment as" and choose "Name/URL". No URL? Never mind that, then. Be civil in posting. Oh, and by the way, English is our universal language here. Occasional Japanese is fine.
Arigatou~! :>