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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Extraction Tutorial


Hello, folks! This is the first tutorial included in the Newbie Guide Tutorial Series! Until now, I assumed that the visitors are more experienced than me when it comes to Visual Novel gaming... Sorry for the wrong assumption. I forgot that I was a newb before, too. And yes, I was (still) asking stupid questions for every game I download.

Honestly speaking, I think I don't have to teach this but alas, you never know, somebody might need it. Anyway, I want to complete my Newbie Guide Tutorial Series so I'll be adding this anyway, needed or not. Well, mainly because you can't play your visual novels if you don't extract the game. The games are usually in, filename.7zip or filename.rar form. It's very rare to get the filename.exe type. I've downloaded a lot of visual novels but so far, I only got one game with application installer.

Enough with the chit-chat. I know you can't wait to start cracking your latest VN download so let's get cracking up, too.

The process is the same for every OS. By the way, this tutorial is made with WinRAR (because WinRAR is convenient).

● Get the program first. It can be WinRAR, WinZIP or 7ZIP. It doesn't matter as long as the program serves the same purpose. Just google it. It's not hard to find.

● Right-click the zip/rar/7zip file. Choose your preferred way of extracting. Normally, I just put the extracted file in the same directory but you can choose the location by clicking Extract files...
Trivia: My Desktop Background is from Starry Sky ~in Spring~. I find it 'sugoi'. Do you?

● After that, just patiently wait for it to finish.
Trivia Again: I'm extracting Desmume, a Nintendo DS emulator. I use this for playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side and Uwasa no Midori-kun (Awesome manga/game by Ikeyamda Go)

Split Parts (filename.part1.rar,  filename.part2.rar, filename.part3.rar...)
● Usually, a game is quite big that the uploader had to split it. For split parts, WinRAR automatically joins them. Just extract the first part and presto, the other parts follow. Although I'm not sure if it will work if the parts are not in the same directory. Never tried anyway.

Part Files (filename.001, filename.002, filename.003...)
● Er, yeah, this is quite different. If you got these type of files, these require the help of HJ-Split. How to use it?
Refer here:
● If you have filename.7zip.001, filename.7zip.002, filename.7zip.003... use 7ZIP. 7ZIP has a special feature that enables it to extract part files automatically.

Broken File
● Before deleting it or go wrecking havoc, try to repair it first. Open WinRAR or double-click the file and press Alt+R. Rename filename.fixed.rar back into filename.rar.

Extraction is like, as T.K of Angel Beats would say:, "Knockin' on Heaven's door". Yup, that easy.


  1. I am Still Very confused. I have tried extracting a 4 part game. But everytime i try, it only extracts part 1. I can't get it to extract all of the parts at once or how to put each part in the same directory. (I dont even know what a directory is.)

  2. @Taylor
    *sigh* Having the same directory is like placing them in a single folder. Or drive. Whatever. As long as they're all together. Now, if you're extracting a 4-part game, even if you have all the parts, if you don't put them in the same location, your program won't automatically extract all the files. Of course, that depends on what program you are using but it definitely won't work for Winrar. So naturally, if your parts are separated and you extracted only the first part, the program will only extract just that. The only exception is that: Even if all the parts are together, if the other files are broken, it won't be extracted. Only the undamaged part will be done.

  3. I tried to extract a 5 part starry sky in spring on winrar, and when I tried to extract the first part, it says I need a volume to continue the extraction?? <--that's the error message. please help.

    1. Do you have all the parts downloaded and are they all in the same directory (place)? If yes, try putting them all in a single folder, it should work then. If it still doesn't work there's probably something wrong with the parts and you might need to download it from somewhere else.



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