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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Start of the Newbie Guide

Yes, you did not misread the title. I'm already starting the newbie guide. As proof, I already posted the first step to your visual novel fetish: Changing your Regional Settings. Just go to the Tutorials > under the Newbie Guide, click Regional Settings.
So yes, that's the first tutorial.

Extracting files, UPCOMING! Wait for it, guys!

AGTH/ITH and ATLAS FUJITSU Tutorial is still dead. Don't expect that yet. Expect that when the Newbie Guide Tutorial Series is done. (The name for the tutorial is cool but that's it.)

The Second Reproduction Review is still dead, too. Of course, that goes the same for the walkthrough and guide on how to be able to play it.

Reply button still sucks. If somebody knows how to fix this up like the one in Wordpress, please tell me. I'm dying trying to figure this out.

Alright, that's the updates for this day--!



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Arigatou~! :>