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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Starry ☆ Sky ~in Spring~


            Starry Sky ~in Spring~ was published by Honeybee. This is the first release from the three other otome games left in this series, namely: ~in Summer~, ~in Autumn and ~in Winter~ and the only game from the series that’s been translated (by OGE). The Starry Sky series was widely received in Japan—causing it to have an anime, manga and a lot more. Starry Sky is about the 12 boys representing the constellations of the four seasons and a single girl whose name is Yahisa Tsukiko.

            In the first game, Starry☆Sky~in Spring~, not long after Tsukiko transfers to Seigatsu Academy, a half-French boy named Yoh Tomoe follows suit to pursue her. This action stirs up emotions from Kanata and Suzuya, both of whom had long loved Tsukiko.

(Cancer) Suzuya Tohzuki   
CV: Daisuke Ono 
● Sebastian Michaellis - Kuroshitsuji
● Kazuma Yagami - Kaze no Stigma 
● Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!!

Suzuya is a very caring guy with a mother-like aura but hides a dark side. He always breaks up fights between Kanata and Yoh. Yes, he does that by threatening them with food. What a truly fearsome guy.

(Pisces) Kanata Nanami 
CV: Tomokazu Sugita
● Gintoki Sakata - Gintama
● Hideki Motosuwa - Chobits
● Kagerou Shoukiin - Inu x Boku SS

Kanata has a sickly body yet still involves himself in fights even though it just worsens his condition. Naturally, he has a violent and stubborn nature but very gentle when it comes to Tsukiko. What to say... he's a tsundere.

(Capricorn) Yoh Tomoe
CV: Hikaru Midorikawa
● Tamahome - Fushigi Yuugi
 Seiran Shi - Saiunkoku Monogatari
 Fate/unlimited codes - Zero Lancer

Yoh is a transfer student from France. He does not trust easily but trusts Tsukiko completely (well, except maybe for her cooking abilities. Can't blame him there). He always clashes against with Kanata though he managed to be good friends with him. He's also a sucker for Suzuya's food. Again, can't blame him since Suzuya is the only character who can cook here. What happened to Tsukiko's feminine side? gone.

You, of course, shall be playing as Yahisa Tsukiko. Naturally, no CV. Bright side? You can change the name.

A very kind-hearted and gentle girl. Too asdfghjkl to be less doormat of a heroine. Frankly speaking, she irritates me most of the times. That is to say, this character is too ideal it can't possibly exist (or a very rare kind of specie). But, oh well, you can't go against the unwritten, never to be spoken and commonly unbroken shoujo rule: the idiot/clumsy heroine's redeeming point is her a.) honesty b.)cuteness/beauty c.)gentleness/kindheartedness 

TITLE:  StarrySkyin Spring (Also known as SutaSuka)
GAME LENGTH: Short (2 - 10 hours)


           Target Audience:  Starry ☆ Sky ~in Spring~ targets the general female players by having three bishounen (good-looking) boys. The game is light, subtle, innocent, pure and funny. There are no H-scenes or even rape scenes so it’s perfect for girls who don’t like bishoujo-ge (kind of like ero games/eroge but targeted for females) games.  

Story:  The main plot itself is quite plain for a reverse harem (one girl and tons of male suitors) but the sweet and unforgettable lines made it one of a kind! Plus, some lines are reallyyyy funny. It’s not common to find a cute and innocent otome game like Starry Sky that can make you go “Kyaa~! <3♥”.   Another thing, the endings doesn’t really divide into bad or good. You’ll know you got the bad ending if you did not get the last CG and it said "Two years later" instead of "Five". That’s it.

Characters:  All the characters are designed well. The characters’ appearances match their personality. Even their clothes and the way they don it match their attitude. The characters are striking, even individually, and they all have their own strong points that will make you want them. The voice actors are also suitable for their characters. They are perfect. Too perfect, in fact, that I can only wish that they exist in real life, too. *sigh* Suzuyaaaa~!  ♥

CG/Art:  The art is very well done. The CGs are drawn and colored in a manner that it reflects the game’s innocent and pure story. Not too strong and not too subtle and just sprinkled with the right amount of modern creativity. The opening and ending video are also made in a verrryy cool way. One glimpse and you’ll be immediately interested.

Music:  The music is perfect for the scenes. It deeply resonates with you as you play the game and as you listen more, you’ll wish you can rip it out of the game. The background music is modern and makes you feel the scenes stronger. That’s how big the impact is~! ♪♫

Setting: The setting is set in modern Japan and I can say, I can’t think of a better setting. Thumbs up~!

Difficulty Level: Well, I’d say that it’s really not the type to make you fret over one choice for the game. As long as you have a good understanding of the character you’re aiming for, you can get by.

Opening Video: (uploaded by Asgardjapan)


           To sum it up, Starry Sky ~in Spring~ is a must for otome gamers. If you haven't played it yet, play it now or you might regret it! 


Game (855 MB)

English Patch (443 MB)


  1. Hello
    I have a problem with the english patch for this game - can you help? I can't seem to open the right directory for it to patch things over but I'm certain it is the right folder.

  2. @Anonymous
    I had that same problem before. Restart your computer first. After that, open the English Patch. If searching for the directory with patch didn't work, try placing the directory manually. How to do that? Simple, just Copy+Paste the address on the address bar when you open location where you installed the game. It should end with the folder where the application exists.

  3. @DianaLiadz

    Ahhhhhhhhh thank you, thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

  4. hii after pacthing whats the name of the file that i have to open because it didnt works the pacth in the game im no have problems with the game but is not in english please help!

  5. @gbie
    Try going to the Starry Sky ~in Spring~ Installation Tutorial of this blog and read it as well as some of the comments. I hope you find the answer there. If you still can't, well, just comment your question there. Maybe I or some of the readers can answer your question there.

  6. I cant download the game files :( (only the 1st works) Are the other links working?

  7. @ Lujan Garcia

    I had the same problem as you,so I hope you see this. Got utorrent? Yes? Good. No? Download it. After you finish downloading it. Download this file.

    After you download the file, click it so that it can download in utorrent. After it finishes, viola! One Starry Sky In Spring iso coming right up xDDD.

  8. @black angel
    is it already patched? or i still have to patch it to play it in english?

  9. @Lujan Garcia
    unfortunately not, you still have to apply the patch. It's easy though, just read the installation tutorial on this blog and you should be fine xD

  10. @Black Angel
    Oh, thx ^^ luckily i will finish the download by tomorrow hahaha

  11. @Lujan Garcia
    np! plz seed! sharing is caring :D

  12. T_T The second link of the english patch is broken, whyyyyy?

  13. @Lujen Garcia
    I'm sorry!!! I'll post another link for the second part!

  14. Download link for the English Patch Part 2 is already renewed.

  15. the game download link is not working. Can you please give the url for another one. Thanks

  16. @freezer
    the download link should be working by now. I tried downloading it and it worked for me.

  17. hey i try to download starry sky through ur link it doesnt work...
    what should i do?

  18. How does jumbofiles work? I can't get it to download. I click downlod thn get flooded wih ads. And i downloded the seperate files from erogedownload, but hjspilt wont read the files. What should I do?D:


  19. @Snickerdoodle
    I download the first part just fine. The second and last part got deleted though. I'll re-upload that one. It's easy to download using jumbofiles and it won't bombard you with ads as long as you click the correct link. The corrent download link is the smallest you can find. If you downloaded the files from erogedownload, it's certainly a different file type from mine so maybe you won't have to use HJ Split.

  20. On jumbofiles theres like three things that say download and i dont know witch one to choose.

  21. @Anon
    It's the smallest and hardest to find one. Anyway, I'll re-upload the files so you guys won't have to strain yourselves.

  22. I tried to download but it was not found on jumbo I have the patch downloaded but I can't seem to get the game downloaded >.<


  23. why doesnt the links work anymore?

  24. A simple answer as to why the links don't work anymore: the files were deleted. I'm thinking of moving my account in Mediafire again. What do you guys think?

  25. somebody could you please give me the link for download this game? i have tried to download from other link but it always failed

    1. Sorry for three months late reply but in case you haven't noticed, new link are up.

  26. Could you please help me? When I choose directory to patch it write "invalid directory". I installed game in other disk than C.

    1. Click on the game's folder in the drive where you installed it.
      Please direct these questions in the tutorial post. And please, read the comment form message.

  27. hi, i couldn't download the game as when the game is stuck at 'seeding' and after a while it says there are missing files... what to do now?

    1. hi. Where are you downloading the game? I don't have a torrent for this copy.

  28. ah thank you sooo much! this tutorial really helped me a lot! :D



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