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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Atlas Fujitsu v.14 Tutorial

Finally! This is the last (for now) tutorial I'll make. I have no future agenda so if you need anything, just post it at the F.A.Q page. I'm serious about that although the page might not look like it.

ATLAS is a high quality machine translation software package for Japanese to English and English to Japanese. ATLAS has a sophisticated content-sensitive translation engine and comprehensive standard dictionary that contains 2,880,000 words. Moreover with ATLAS Technical Dictionaries, you can add an additional 5.57 million words.

ATLAS offers plugins that provide seamless translations for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet Explorer. ATLAS also offers dictionary tools to create your own dictionaries to improve the accuracy of your automatic translations.

Anyway, unless you buy it, you can only get a trial version of Atlas. So far, the latest version that's out is version 14. Now, don't worry about that. I have the cracks for you so you don't need to worry about the expiry date. 

I'm currently uploading my copy of Atlas v.14 + cracks in my account. Well, if you can't wait, just google it. Nah, I'm done uploading it. Here's the link. This includes the Atlas setup and the cracks:

Atlas Fujitsu v.14 + Cracks 

Sorry to say, Jumbofile decided to pull crap on me. File-hosting sites went on a deleting rampage. AGAIN. JUST WHEN I FINISHED UPLOADING ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE UPLOADED AND JUST FINISHING THE ACTUAL POST FOR IT TO BE POSTED. asdfghjkl. Oh well, so for now, no links 'kay? :)

● Well, technically-speaking, the setup for the trial version expired last December 2010. Here's the solution for that: Change your computer's date. It can be any date as long as it's before December 2010. Just revert it back after doing what needs to be done for Atlas. Curious on what will happen if you don't change your date? See this: 

Oh, and by the way, meet my man: Saito Hajime from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

 Open your setup. Oh yeahhh, we're back at this good ol' setup. Just work your way through it. That should be easy. Don't open ATLAS YET. Instead, I want you to immediately reset your computer. Why? To allow your computer to accommodate the recent changes.

Continuing on...

 We need to add more words on it to make it have more sense. Open the Atlas Toolbar

Actually, it's not really necessary to have this picture. I just want to fully show you my Saito Hajime while having the screenshot for the tutorial at the same time. Two birds in one stone. 

 Click Tool > Management Menu > Merge Dictionary Data

 Find User dictionary0001. This dictionary was not made by me. It was made by fhc, a veteran brazilian hongfire user, as well as a veteran visual novel gamer. This helps a lot. Just open that and work through it. No need to explain that part.

 Now, if you want to add a word, for example, a name of a character from the visual novel, click Tool (again) EJ: Add Word. A new window will appear and you just have to supply the English word and the Japanese translation of it. Click Settings and click the appropriate settings for the word. 

Almost done...

 You just need to do this if you don't have Translator Aggregator. From the Atlas Toolbar, click Quick Atlas. Look at the icon at the taskbar and choose Automatic Clipboard Translation. With that, it will automatically translate the text from the game. 

This is the start of Starry Sky ~in Summer~. It's the next game after Starry Sky ~in Spring~. The bad news, it's not yet translated to English. The good news, it might be translated officially by an American company. Aksys Games, same company which licensed Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. So I've heard. 

Alright, that's it! Banzai! 

You need to pair this with a text hooker (ITH/AGTH) to play the Japanese game of your choice. 


  1. Can you reupload the file to download the crack and atlas 14 again please? Jumbofile says the file has been deleted or something ^^;

  2. @Ha~ha~ha
    Hahaha, jumbofile is pulling crap on me. It deleted all my files in my account! Well, actually, all hosting sites are pulling crap nowadays. Again. I'll upload it on Mediafire or somewhere.

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    e-newsletter service. Do you've any? Please let me understand in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.
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    1. Rss feed is up. Click the icon on the header. That should do the trick.

      I 'think' you are the same person who commented website links and irrelevant concerns/responses. I already deleted those comments. If it is really you, don't spam and please, read the comment form message. I'm warning you.

  5. Hi :)
    Unfortunately, I'm like failing miserably at this already ><
    After I downloaded and installed it, I get the popup where it says to pick an option
    word 2000
    powerpoint 2000
    excel 2000
    When I click word 2000, for example, it doesn’t work. Like the application closes and it says that translation setup wasn’t completed? I have microsoft word 2003.. does that mean I have to somehow download microsoft word 2000?

    1. Hi :)
      Try changing your Regional and Language settings to Japanese.



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