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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not your regular update~

My school's starting tomorrow. With that, I won't be able to promise that I'll be able to check the blog everyday (What? I have a life, too. Just lacking in the love department these days.). What I can promise, I can check the blog every Saturdays (GMT + 8). During that weekly visit, I will update the blog by answering your questions, adding more tutorials (with pictures, of course) and reviews and recommending new visual novels. With luck or lack of quizzes, exams or homeworks, I can log on every night (my timeline). Aside from that, it will still be the same Sasuga Sugoi.

I will still give update posts to give you a heads up when I added a new tutorial/review/recommendation/page (think the CG Gallery proposal).

I assure you, this blog won't be inactive because I will check and add more contents on it. So please, be sure to check this blog as always. 



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Arigatou~! :>