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Monday, July 2, 2012


Review for The Second Reproduction is up~! I recommend that you read that first before playing the game. I apologize that I haven't placed download links for the game and English patch. Time was short on me today. I'll just notify you through the Updates posts when I have placed it.

So here's my next agenda:
- Download links for the game and English patch of The Second Reproduction
- Tutorial on how to patch it (Don't worry about this one. It'll be a piece of cake!)

By the way, my best friend and I are thinking of making an otome game using Ren'py game engine. I'm actually asking for some suggestions. If you're responsible for a certain idea, don't worry, we'll give the credits to you. What we'll just claim are the artworks and the work involved itself. And since I'm a very critical player, I don't want the game we're making to be crap. In line with that, we will also need good music for it to become special. If you're confident with your composing skills, just holla. Another thing, if you want to help in this project, we'll gladly welcome you in our quest to add another worthwhile otome game to the very few list of it available in English. Please let me know your thoughts about this. 

You really like to say, "(input title of topic here) is up!" huh?

Well, what can I say? I like  love that phrase. 


  1. thankssss a lott u are a enourmuoss person :)

  2. Hello! Are you still doing the otome game? I would like to help.

  3. Are there links for the soundtrack?



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