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Thursday, September 20, 2012


HEYAAAAA MINNA~! I'm revived again! I'm sorry for being out this long. Blame it on my school. Anyway, I found the time once more and I'll be active again. It's thanks to my partner.aibou Black Angel that this blog survived this long without the original blog admin. She kept this blog from being inactive. Praise her~

Here are my updates!

THE COOL CG GALLERY suggestion thingy you used to see in the slideshow in the home page is no longer a dream. It's a reality. Check it out. 

As of this day, I added  SEVEN albums of CG Gallery. Those visual novels would be:

> Starry Sky ~in Spring~ (yey for those starry sky ~in spring~ fans out there)
> Second Reproduction

and the following titles would be a treat for those who haven't played these games as they're not available in English and are only playable in either PSP/PS2 platforms:

>Arcana Famiglia
>Arcana Famiglia Fan Disk
>Uta no Prince-sama ~Repeat~ (this is an improved version of the original UtaPri game with better-looking CG)
>Uta no Prince-sama ~Amazing Aria~
>Uta no Prince-sama ~Sweet Serenade~ (these two have a omg-nobody-else-should-see-this-pic-or-else-i'm-screwed pictures. Better watch out for this. Of course, it's only a 15+ ages rating only. I'm not yet going for those 18+ otoges. At least publicly ;) )

I never did something like this before. But then again, I've never been out for this long before. Welcome these eye candies as my apology. 

One of these days, I'll be posting the download links for these galleries so you fangirls can view these albums anytime, anywhere. 

Black Angel, this is for you, too. Thank you for everything! <3


  1. AWWWW, I feel so touched ^.^. I really didn't do much of anything, I wish I could be of more help!! Thank you so much!! <3 XD. The CG gallery looks amazing~

  2. Aw~ Thank you as well. This blog wouldn't survive without you, you know. The CG Gallery is also your gift so I'm happy you like it. <3



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