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Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's Updates

I placed Daemon Tutorial as the fourth tutorial in the Newbie Guide.
Next tutorial: ITH TUTORIAL! YEY!
After that, ATLAS FUJITSU TUTORIAL. That's the last one for the Newbie Guide.


Right, the blog's appearance. So far, I'm not receiving any opinion and frankly speaking, I'd appreciate one. But no, I'm not yet done improving it. I'm trying to make it cooler. I'm hoping that a cooler-looking blog might make my senseless posts cooler. Nah. #Screw me.
The reply button disappeared. Truthfully, it doesn't seem to serve the purpose it should. I'm working on that. When I'm able to crack what the heck is the problem, sure, I'll put it up again.


I'm accepting requests for reviews for visual novels you want. Maybe I'll accept requests for download links og games I own if I got a good deal of response.


I'll introduce The Second Reproduction by Heterodoxy after the Newbie Guide. Expect: Review | Installation Guide | Download Link | Walkthrough 


I'm hoping to add the complete CG Gallery of games I've done. Of course, I'll only do that with good response. I'm warning you though, if  the CG GALLERY will push through, this will be a major spoiler so don't view it if you plan to play the game yourself. Those in favor, post a comment. Those who are not, if you can't say something nice, I'm asking you to nicely keep your thoughts to yourself.

That's it.



Please put your names on your comments so I can differentiate which Anon I'm talking to. To place your name, click the drop-down arrow in the "Comment as" and choose "Name/URL". No URL? Never mind that, then. Be civil in posting. Oh, and by the way, English is our universal language here. Occasional Japanese is fine.
Arigatou~! :>