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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hey everyone. Sasugasugoi here. As usual, things might be back to my useless ramblings. It's really unfortunate that studies prevented me from living my otaku life. Yes, REAL LIFE IS TRYING TO CLAIM ME. Of course, I don't plan to lose so easily. What am I doing these days? Of course, thesis. In what sort of event did they thought to make 16-year old students make baby theses, I don't know. Currently, I'm working on The Relationship of Different Parenting Styles to the Academic Achievements of Second Year Students in... blaaaaah. I hate thesis.
I'm really sorry for that.As part of my apology, I will announce that I am making a tutorial on how to play Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom on PSP Emulator (JPCSP)! Yes, please anticipate it. I will also include walkthrough so getting those hawt bishies would be a piece of cake!

For now, please be consoled with an eye candy. And a bit of trivia/info.

Before Arturia was presented as a female king and Emiya Shirou as a boy master in Fate/Stay Night, the first drafts of character designs showed a male Saber  and female protagonist Ayaka Sajyou. Kinoko Nasu had to redesign in order to meet the demands of the otaku world. *Shame on this H-dominated otaku world* Thus, they exchanged the genders of both protagonists and created Fate/Stay Night. Type-Moon released a 12-minute long OVA included in their Carnival Phantasm Season 3. The OVA was entitled Fate/Prototype. The plot still basically follows the F/SN flow: Ayaka Sajyou was pursued by Lancer and was saved in time by Saber who heeded her summons just in time. Her master position is under The Seventh.

*Sigh* A shame that they did not continue this. Let's cross our fingers that Type-Moon would have a change of heart with the reactions of fangirls from the OVA.

Here is a wallpaper. I don't think I have to introduce them anymore, right?  Happy fangirling!

Kyaaa~! SABER------------! MARRY MEEEEEE! <3 <3 <3



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Arigatou~! :>