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Friday, January 4, 2013

More Download Links

Just as the title says.
I have more download links now. I'm using 4shared right now and I hope that they are not quick to delete their files (Hi Mediafire and Jumbofiles).

I got The Second Reproduction here. As usual, dl links can be found at the bottom of the review. And as usual, I'm giving you guys a shortcut: (461 MB)

I only have whole files right now. I will divide all of the games into parts so they'll be smaller in file size as you download them one at a time.

In line with that, I also have the English Patch for Starry Sky ~in Spring~. It can also be found at the bottom of the review but here's a shortcut anyway: (443 MB)

That's it for now.


  1. Thanks a bunch~! I just started out otome gaming yesterday, so your blog is really really really helpful to me :D You are such an angel ^_^



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