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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How about a new otome game? :3

Sorry for amateurish art. What can I do? I don't have a pen tablet.
             Well, as you can see, I'm not even done with the coloring. I already spent an hour on this and I'm not even close to finishing. I and my irl best friend are planning to make a new otome game.

             Hopefully, that caught your attention.

             The girl you can see above is one of the proposed character designs for the heroine. In other words, you. I also have the character sketch for one of the boys. We initially planned to have three boys with different endings: bad ends, normal ends and, of course, good end for each. I prefer to think of myself as a meticulous writer and I hate shitty character or developments. Sorry for the word but you get my drift. I really detest doormat heroines or Mary Sue characters . That is to say, I will try my best to write a story about a girl that deviates from the cliche shoujo heroines we were bombarded by mangaka/writers who does not believe in realism.

              I mentioned " initially planned to have three boys". You got that right. We can also add more capturable hot guys depending on our time. Hopefully, we would first be able to achieve our number one target in our agenda: three capturable hot bishounen.  This may vary since we are doing this game with a two-man (err, woman) team. And we're not aiming for too short otome games that we already experienced. (We know that the players would kill us for not having a worthy game length). Just imagine the hard work involved: character sprites, backgrounds, game layouts, CGs, scripts and programming. We will try our best with regards to the art style but don't expect too much. We are amateur artists. (Refer to art above). Of course, we'll be using Ren'Py since we would just be wasting our efforts to program a game through Java when there's a very capable game engine available for free already.

             Since you read this far, I will give you a bonus. Here is the story's synopsis. At least, for now anyway.

             Meet our heroine [insert name. We haven't decided yet.], a strong-willed, slightly cynical but nonetheless, a kind-hearted and gentle girl of modern times. There was a rumor in this girl's family about a mysterious power. As the modern person she is and as fate would have it, she did not believe this. Until one supposedly uneventful night she fell asleep. She found out that she can exchange her consciousness with her selves from different lifetimes. Is this a mean to change her lives' tragic fates or to find the one meant for her?  Is she willing to take a risk to fight for what she desires: may it be her right to life or  right to be with the man she loves? If so, who and what will she fight for: past, present or future?

              How's that? Comments, suggestions, reactions, anyone? We love to hear from you. Help us achieve a worthy English otome game for every otome gamer. 


  1. Looks interesting. ^^ I'm glad you're not making the heroine one of those girls who does nothing but bawl all day. Andareyoustillupfordrawingmygamecgsthoughihavebeendead? :'D Are you going to post this on LemmaSoft? And I'd be willing to do a logo for you if you'd like.

    1. Haha, I'm not really sure with the game CGs nowadays. This little project will move my schedule considerably. But if there's something I can do to help, allow me.
      I'm not sure if I will post this on LemmaSoft. I'm posting this on Ren'Py's game archives, that's for sure. I will trouble myself with spreading the word of this game when we actually accomplished it.
      As for the logo, "I'm" counting on you. I just need to consult my co-worker. When we decided, can we contact you to help us? Of course, we would give the rightful credits to you. :)

  2. Awww and I wanted to be the first one to post a comment :(. LOL JKJK XDD. Anyways, I APPROVE :3. I LOVE IT. I'm sure it's gonna be super awesome (of course, you're doing it!). I can't wait to see it!!!!! I'll be your #1 fan!!!! If you need any help, feel free to ring me up (even though I not experienced in programming and Photoshop and my artistic skills suck :3) but still!!! XDD. Sugoi!! Ganbatte Ganbatte!!!

    1. You can always be our reviewer.critic. Please provide us with constructive criticisms so we can avoid a crappy game and improve it. Of course, I'm hoping that we can actually pull this off first :)

  3. @sasugasugoi
    Alright. ^^ You can just comment here with details for the logo unless you want to e-mail me or something.



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