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Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm sorrryyyyy!!!

I'm really sorry if I'm still inactive today. Life is hard if it's forced on you. I am currently not a hikikomori  right now. I am currently staying in Australia for seven more weeks. Yes, yes, it's not my home country. I do apologize for having a life right now. Life means little or no internet involvement at all here where I'm staying'.

To apologize for that, I bring you information about the new hakuouki game: Urakata Hakuouki
[Urakata is somewhat like "Reverse" or "on the other side" (?). Sorry, crappy Japanese skills here. I just know that it entails that this story is all about the other side of the army: Choushu and Satsuma.]
They already released the opening movie for the said PSP game. If you want to watch it, go here:
This will be released on May 30, 2013.

Here are some CG samples, brought to you by our beloved Otomate.
"They" made it seem that the girl is really skilled in sword art. Let's just hope that she uses those swords for real and not for some damn decoration. (Hello Yukimura Chizuru) Let's also hope that she's not a "Mary Sue".

Probably the Mr. Nice Guy who turns out that he isn't all that.

Jinguji Ren type. That sweet-tongued guy. No pun intended in regards to the picture.

Why am I already hating this bastard guy when I haven't played his route yet? I'm getting the feeling that he is this really arrogant guy who think he can get all of that but softens up when he falls in love. Hello otome standards.

Most likely a Saitou equivalent. Ninja. Yum.

Yeah. That's it. Not exactly new new but I compiled the information.



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Arigatou~! :>