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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Aw, thank you guys. I love you all! <--- Forever Alone

It's been  a year~
Last May 7, 2012, I created, a blog dedicated to helping otome gamers everywhere. We survived a year of struggling of uploading, making tutorials and answering/debugging everyone's concern. We had 54 899 page views since creation with an average of 150-300 pageviews per day from audiences from United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Germany and France. Thank you for a year of interaction with us. Forgive our incompetence and we hope to do better this year. 

Our year's agenda is to upload all the otome games we possess to spread the otome game madness. 

Now, I mentioned in the previous update post that we have a goodie prepared for all of you. Too bad, we weren't able to make it on time. There's just two of us working on it after all. We'll just inform you in a few more days. We're actually busy in our real lives but we're trying to make it and we don't want it to be crappy. Sorry for raising your hopes like that.

Wish us luck! Please take care of us this year too~ 

Just some eye candies to make up for my incompetence. Stupid me.
This is "Free!", a new anime coming by July. Yum.

Since this is the currently airing otome game-turned-anime.
Brothers' Conflict will come soon.
Don't  worry dears.


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