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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hello, folks. This is sasugasugoi speaking for the last time. After long hours of thinking, I came to a conclusion that I should shut down this blog, if my university schedule would allow me, temporarily. If my schedule serves me right, I might be able to come back by April again. I will not take down the blog so you can continue to see the tutorials as much as you need to but I will no longer be able to answer your queries, unlike before. I have already started to be inactive anyway, might as well be stably inactive for the mean time. 

To my partner Black Angel, thank you for all the help you've given me and the readers so far. I take my hat off for you and bow down. You deserve a cookie *hands cookie*

*Accepts cookie and hands you an entire cake in return, for you deserve it* Thank you sasugasugoi for this wonderful experience, I can honestly say I enjoyed working on this blog with you. It's sad that the blog is shut down, but I look forward to your next projects! Keep me updated! And I'll be more than glad to continue to help if you decide to reopen this blog. 

To everyone, thank you for staying this long. Even when I started to be inactive, I could still see that people still drops by everyday. This blog usually gets a 150-300 pageviews daily. Thank you for that, even when I just fail your expectations by not giving you new worthy updates. 

Until we meet again, everyone! Bye!

P.S: If I come back, I will start including BL games in the tutorials. Get ready just in case, fujoshis, though I'm sure you don't need my help anyway. Just to impart something personal, here is a skecth drawn by one of my friends, colored by another and hindered by me. XD This is our chibi version. I'm the black cat anyway. 



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Arigatou~! :>